May 20, 2009

FO: Jasmine Lace Edge Cardigan - White

Ta-Da! I just finished sewing on buttons and it is all ready to go. Hopefully it will still fit the little one it was intended for.

Pattern: Jasmine Lace Edge Cardigan
from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms

Yarn: Ella Rae Baby Cotton (88% Cotton, 12% Nylon) in "White" - 1 and a half(ish) balls

Needles: Body - US 6/4mm
Sleeves and edging - US 5/3.75mm

Variations: Again, I knit this in one piece with picked up sleeves, rather than in pieces. I really hate seaming and doing it in one piece keeps my sanity. In addition to that, I did the lace edging on the sleeves a little differently too. Instead of knitting them up and then sewing them on, I attached them as I went by knitting the first stitch of every other row together with the edge of the jacket.

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grandmotherof3 said...

Hey Megan, That is just beautiful! I love your lace so much. I am always so amazed at how your little coats turn out. I really think someday you will be famous. Now we just have to get some goats!

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