June 30, 2011

Scenes From My Garden

Hauntingly beautiful Borage

The berries continue to produce

An artichoke! Despite my disbelief

Almost there!

My favorite herb basil

Blueberries for breakfast!

The canteloupe are coming

The monster sunflower continues it's climb upward
Happy Last Day of June,


June 28, 2011

A Little Curtain

Remember the fabric from Friday? I used it to make a wee curtain/valance for the kitchen.

I've been wanting something over the windows in the kitchen for awhile, but... well... curtains aren't always approved.

So I made it, hung it up, then asked Ben's opinion. At first he was kind of unsure but said I could keep it. Then a bit later he said it was nice to have something decorative in the kitchen.

I'll make a few more to go over the other windows once I get the curtain rods. And maybe one to go over the door.

It's such a nice little bit of fabric to soften up the kitchen and make it a little warmer and more friendly.

Have a great Tuesday,

June 24, 2011

Fiber Friday And This Week's Books

Since I can never remember to join Ginny's Yarn Alongs, I'll just do it all here.

My latest batch of requests from the library came in, so I thought I would pick them up today to have things to read over the weekend. And I wanted to share with you what I've been working on. Since that's what Fridays are for!

The Fiber:  Tatting. I was allotted some craft monies this month so I got some tatting needles and a shuttle (among the embroidery stuff). I've been wanting to try out tatting for awhile. Armed with my needle, some thread and MaryJane's Stitching Room, I've been building this little chain. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with this talent, but I'm thinking maybe some Christmas ornaments if nothing else.

The Book: Little Women. It's been many, many years since I've read this book. I fell in love with it so deeply back then and read the whole series. I've had a hankering lately to read it again.

The Fiber: Rag Rug. I pulled it out of the closet after it being on hiatus for awhile. I put another round on it yesterday. I think I have decided where I'll put it when finished: the kitchen door. The rug we have doesn't soak up water very well and when little wet feet are running in and out, I need something more absorbent.

The Book: Little House on the Prairie. I am almost ashamed to admit I've never read this book (or any of them). At least, not that I can remember. But I've been wanting to, so here it is!

The Fiber: Anniversary Mystery Shawl 11. No, I'm not done with it. Yes, the last clue was out two weeks ago. So I'm slowly trudging along. I know you can't see it very well, it's hard to photograph lace all scrunched up on a needle.

The Book: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I've heard about this book here and there, but I still don't know what it's about. I saw in on the shelf today while perusing and decided I'll find out once and for all!

The Fiber: Gingham! Delicious red Gingham for a sewing project that I shall not name until it's done (since my track record seems to be "when I get around to it so don't make promises"). I have a love affair with Gingham. It makes my little heart so happy to look at. Remember the dress (that I still need to fix)? Gingham.

The Book: Put 'Em Up. I've seen this book floating around the blogosphere and it's been on my wishlist for awhile. I have a system: Put it on Amazon wishlist. Request it from the library to try it out. If I like it, keep it on the wishlist to buy later. If not, no harm done or money wasted!

I did that with the Fannie Farmer Cookbook and I fell in love with it so much that I just bought used off of Amazon last night!

Happy Friday Everyone!

June 20, 2011

Moments in Time

Today is my littlest man's 2nd birthday.

Oh how the time flies by, making just a whisper. I think being a parent is not about training children, but about them training you.

They are training us that time must be appreciated. It must be noticed, and documented. Time is a one way road. We can not go down it again. There's no turning around because you got lost.

As I go through today, remembering that day two years ago that this little boy came into the world and became a part of our family... And as I try to clean up the house because it's Monday and I've locked told my kids to go outside and play while momma cleans...

I remember that it goes by so painfully fast.

And that the kitchen floor will get dirty again.

But my 3rd baby will not be two again.

So I put the mop away and I hug my babies and I kiss them because the gift I have been given is to precious to waste.

Wishing you a Monday filled with precious moments of time,


June 15, 2011

Random Wednesday

We have a lily in the backyard! It's our first lily of the year and I'm so excited.

My mom brought us two large containers of blueberries with the request of jam, so I made a batch of freezer jam last week. I'd never made freezer jam before, and while it doesn't have that deep lovely blue/purple color of cooked jam, it still tastes wonderful. Blueberries are so delicious.

We have a spaghetti squash coming in. I saw a bee pollinating flowers the other day and I stood and talked to him while he worked, telling him to keep doing a good job! Give us lots of squash and green beans! I did have a tiny green bean harvest the other day. About a handful to go with dinner.

It's been hot here the last few days and some of my lettuce was trying to bolt, so I harvested a few heads this morning.

Looks like I'm having salad for lunch! Any family members looking for lettuce need to come get some!

I went to clean the sink the other day and found this little stow away. I'm not sure how she got in the house, but it was a very cute surprise!

I figured I would show the progress I've made on my embroidery sampler. It's coming along. I've found that I really hate the cross stitch and that I really like satin stitch and stem stitch and french knots are fun.

This is my corn, which I'm terribly proud of. I didn't want to just fill it in, I wanted it to look like corn. So I tried out french knots and I think it turned out great.

It's been hot here and as much as I don't like the heat, it is making our plants very happy.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

June 10, 2011

Friday Morning Garden Update

We have a squash! I walked out yesterday and saw it and I was so excited I ran in to tell Ben. He might have looked at me a bit funny. I may or may not have been jumping up and down... I think I might be more excited by the fact that before squash comes FLOWERS and they are the only source of COLOR in the backyard right now. The Lilies and Agapanthis are close to blooming, but still nothing yet.

We also have jalapenos popping up, but I'm not as excited since I didn't grow these from seed.

This particular sunflower has been going crazy. While the others are only about 2 feet tall, this one is nearly 5 feet tall.

We've been enjoying our berries straight off the plants as they ripen. I would show you a picture of ripe boysenberries but... we've eaten all the ripe ones.

Do you remember these from February? We planted them in the front and figured they would die in a few weeks because that's what little flowers like this do around here... normally.

Apparently, we got the Rabbit variety of Violas. And Pansies. They're all going crazy! I'm actually hoping they will just take over the bed and stay forever. They are so gorgeous and every time I walk out to the mail box I smile when I see them. Really the best present ever. Maybe I should transplant some to the backyard for some color.

Happy Gardening,

June 6, 2011

In Which I Attempt Embroidery

I think I'm getting bored with knitting. GASP! Actually, I'm just wanting to branch out and try different things. I've been doing only one thing for so long and I was thinking that it really would be good if I learned quilting and embroidery and such.

So Saturday I took a trip to the craft store and bought me a hoop, needles and embroidery thread. I tried looking up instructions and how to do things but I'm really just one of those "Jump in and do it" kinda girls, so that's what I did. I have done this once when I was really young, but I've slept since then so it was really just learning it like new.

I found this sampler on Sew Mama Sew! and figured I would start with it, having no other reason than I thought it was cute.

I found that I really like embroidering. It's still using thread and fiber, but in a completely different way. I think I could really get into this.

Happy Monday,

June 2, 2011

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

round button chicken

It's {pretty, happy, funny, real} at Like Mother, Like Daughter today and I thought I would jump in this week.

This week's pictures are brought to you by tea time yesterday around 2pm!


My new teapot to go with my little teacup.


Food & Knitting always make me happy. Especially together!


Real smart look, T. Real smart.


Ugh. Fly season has begun.

Happy Thursday,

June 1, 2011

Weekend Haul

Gosh! Did we have a busy weekend! We were all over the place. It was so nice having two whole days.

Instead of staying home and resting, we seemed to spend the whole weekend doing things we've been wanting to do for awhile. We went Goodwill jumping Sunday! Wanna see what I got?

I finally found the teapot I have been dreaming of. I have been looking and looking for just a simple, white teapot and I finally found it. I wasn't even looking for it this time, I just turned my head and there it was (isn't that just the best thing about thrift stores?). And there's really nothing wrong with it aside from a wee bitty chip on the spout.

Now I have something to use with my teacups from my last Goodwill outing. I am still kicking myself for not getting the saucers to go with them. Oh well, maybe I will find some on my next trip.

I also found a table top ironing board. I have been thinking of getting an ironing board for awhile, since I use it when I am sewing - which isn't often now but will hopefully be more in the future. Trying to iron using a towel on top of the table or on the floor just isn't cuttin' it anymore. I figured a table top one would be good so it uses up less storage space and would be a bit cheaper. I had found one on Amazon for about $10 (more if I added in shipping) and then bookmarked it for another time. Well, lo and behold I find one at Goodwill for under three dollars. It just needs two new rubber feet and I have an idea for a cover involving an old towel and some pretty fabric.

Monday we went to get Ben new boots and then... Off to the nursery for more plants! We had a bit left in our yard budget so we got:

3 more boysenberry bushes. Ben scootched over the ones we had, planted the new ones beside them, and rigged up a stake & wire system for them to climb. I bet we're going to have a bajillion berries next season. Perfect for jam! We've already had a few to munch on this year, and they are delicious.

We finally got our grape, to start them growing up the fence. They are Thompson Seedless (green). They're planted just inside the garden, on either side of the gate. When Ben builds the double arch they will be able to climb up and cover that. I am hoping they'll cover the fence a bit too. They already make the garden look just a bit more inviting and fuller.

I got 6 Roma tomato plants, to fill out my bare spots.

And 4 jalapeno pepper plants. This has turned out to be our un-intentional salsa bed, since the onions are growing next to the peppers.

I picked up some marigolds to deter squash beetles. Hopefully it works (or hopefully I don't have to find out either way!).

We got a second cottonwood, in addition to the one Ben's dad has given us. We picked out the biggest one we could get and still transport, moved the little one closer to the shed, and put the new big one in the little one's place. It will be so nice once they are big and we have shade in the yard.

We also picked up a second artichoke bush so hopefully next year we will have a nice crop. Plus a few in-ground feed packets for the trees and we will hopefully have a burst of growth!

We ate good all weekend, relaxed, slept in, worked a bit, and just had a wonderful weekend.

How were y'alls weekends?

Happy Tuesday,
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