June 1, 2011

Weekend Haul

Gosh! Did we have a busy weekend! We were all over the place. It was so nice having two whole days.

Instead of staying home and resting, we seemed to spend the whole weekend doing things we've been wanting to do for awhile. We went Goodwill jumping Sunday! Wanna see what I got?

I finally found the teapot I have been dreaming of. I have been looking and looking for just a simple, white teapot and I finally found it. I wasn't even looking for it this time, I just turned my head and there it was (isn't that just the best thing about thrift stores?). And there's really nothing wrong with it aside from a wee bitty chip on the spout.

Now I have something to use with my teacups from my last Goodwill outing. I am still kicking myself for not getting the saucers to go with them. Oh well, maybe I will find some on my next trip.

I also found a table top ironing board. I have been thinking of getting an ironing board for awhile, since I use it when I am sewing - which isn't often now but will hopefully be more in the future. Trying to iron using a towel on top of the table or on the floor just isn't cuttin' it anymore. I figured a table top one would be good so it uses up less storage space and would be a bit cheaper. I had found one on Amazon for about $10 (more if I added in shipping) and then bookmarked it for another time. Well, lo and behold I find one at Goodwill for under three dollars. It just needs two new rubber feet and I have an idea for a cover involving an old towel and some pretty fabric.

Monday we went to get Ben new boots and then... Off to the nursery for more plants! We had a bit left in our yard budget so we got:

3 more boysenberry bushes. Ben scootched over the ones we had, planted the new ones beside them, and rigged up a stake & wire system for them to climb. I bet we're going to have a bajillion berries next season. Perfect for jam! We've already had a few to munch on this year, and they are delicious.

We finally got our grape, to start them growing up the fence. They are Thompson Seedless (green). They're planted just inside the garden, on either side of the gate. When Ben builds the double arch they will be able to climb up and cover that. I am hoping they'll cover the fence a bit too. They already make the garden look just a bit more inviting and fuller.

I got 6 Roma tomato plants, to fill out my bare spots.

And 4 jalapeno pepper plants. This has turned out to be our un-intentional salsa bed, since the onions are growing next to the peppers.

I picked up some marigolds to deter squash beetles. Hopefully it works (or hopefully I don't have to find out either way!).

We got a second cottonwood, in addition to the one Ben's dad has given us. We picked out the biggest one we could get and still transport, moved the little one closer to the shed, and put the new big one in the little one's place. It will be so nice once they are big and we have shade in the yard.

We also picked up a second artichoke bush so hopefully next year we will have a nice crop. Plus a few in-ground feed packets for the trees and we will hopefully have a burst of growth!

We ate good all weekend, relaxed, slept in, worked a bit, and just had a wonderful weekend.

How were y'alls weekends?

Happy Tuesday,


Kessie said...

Oh wow, where did you find grapevines? I'd love to have some eventually, once we have a yard. I don't know anything about growing grapes, though. Grats on your thrift store finds, too! Aren't they just such fun?

All I did this weekend was make jam. :-)

Meg said...

White Forest! They have little buckets and big buckets. The big bucket plants had grapes on them already, but one) they were more expensive and two) we want ones without fruit so they focus on growing, rather than ripening.

Allison said...

I went thrift shopping twice this week... and I just bought a little milk jug (I use it as a tea pot) for a dollar and thirty cents. White and adorable...just like your teapot. Hubby just walked in, looked at your teapot and said, "oh, she has one just like you!" :D

I also found two vintage green Pyrex bowls, which we initiated with popcorn and the movie Twister. I love Pyrex - especially when it's colored and flowered and generally 1950s looking!

Great buys, Meg! I look forward to seeing how your ironing board turns out.


Farm Girl said...

Wow you did have a very nice weekend. I like all of the good stuff you got at the nursery. White Forest is just the best place in the whole world.
I still really like that teapot.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I collect everything white and your tea pot is a treasure. I have never had a boysenberry and am wondering if they taste like a cross between a raspberry and blackberry. You have a lovely garden. Lucky duck!!!!

no spring chicken said...

Love your hauls! Both from the thrift store, and from the nursery. A day really doesn't get much better than that!!

Blessings, Debbie

Changes in the wind said...

Thrift shopping is the best! Great finds. Love how carefully you have planned out your garden to not only produce but to be beautiful.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Isn't that funny that you seem to find what you're looking for the moment you stop focusing on it? That's how I found my husband too!! (.....I realize much different than a teapot, but same concept) :=)
Good luck with the marigolds preventing squash beetles. That hasn't yet worked for me. I'm now trying floating row covers until the plants have flowers. Then they'll have to be uncovered. Last year those darn bugs sucked the life out of all my cukes, winter squash plants and melons. Aargh!!!
Artichoke bush huh? ....intriguing. Haven't tried that one yet.
We had a weekend full of gardening too! And, I can finally get blogger working tonight so I'm enjoying it while it's up.

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