December 31, 2012

Christmas Week Recap

I think I've totally lost my blogging mojo. My brain isn't giving me many words.

The pictures are blurry because children, especially excited ones, never sit still, haha. We had a very nice Christmas and I think everyone enjoyed their presents. It's been off and on drizzly, which made it even nicer. But now Christmas is over, so I'm ready for spring!

Ben was able to finagle the week off from work, and it was blissfully wonderful. We spent the whole week finishing the garage (ok, he did most of it, but I helped paint), and it looks so nice now. He installed four more lights, so now I have tons of light to do laundry by!

I really didn't want to give him up. But life has to return to normal. Unfortunately, he started overtime again today, and it is supposed to last until at least April. Bleh.

Over the holiday we found out that my mother has a very large tumor/cyst/mass in her stomach. She'll be having surgery to remove it on the 9th. They aren't sure what it is exactly, where it originates from, or if it's cancerous, but they'll find that out with the surgery. Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

Happy Monday all, I'll be sharing my goals for 2013 later in the week!

December 17, 2012

Busy, Busy, And More Busy

by Rachel Wolf Photography

I haven't posted since the week after Thanksgiving!

We've so busy! Even if we aren't doing particular events, we've just been busy enjoying each other, and our time off school, and the cold and drizzly weather. Since moving into the closet, I haven't been on the computer as much since it's too far away from the kiddos for me to keep an eye on them. It's been wonderful! My brains has felt so much more relaxed without being as wired into the web. But that is why I've been lax in posting and commenting.

by Rachel Wolf Photography

Let's see, what have we been up to?

I hosted a Christmas Cookie Exchange on the 7th. It went really well and was a lot of fun! There were SO MANY cookies, I had to send a whole box to work with Ben because we couldn't eat that many.

by Rachel Wolf Photography
I started two things that need feeding: Sourdough starter and a compost pile. The former is going nicely. I've been feeding it daily to make it more sour. The latter, we won't find out how it went until spring/summer, but at least it's started. I wish I could show you pictures of my amazing, productive winter garden, but it doesn't exist. all that has been coming up is radishes and peas. Everything else gets chomped by slugs as soon as it sprouts. I've ordered Sluggo. Their days are numbered.

The company party for work was this last Saturday, and it was hosted in the same place my sister had her wedding, which I thought was funny.

Even funnier: We played a Guess-the-name-of-the-Christmas-songs-based-on-the-clues game, and since I got 19 out of 25 (with help from the rest of the table), I got to take home the centerpiece. Notice how their are two centerpieces in the above picture? Another game was seeing who had the sticker on the bottom of their dessert plate.... And that would be Ben! So we got to take home a second one as well. Even though it was funny, and I was a bit embarrassed by all the attention, they are really pretty and smell very nice.

by Rachel Wolf Photography
 I have all of the presents wrapped for Ben & the kids. I am ready for our Christmas! We just have the extended family presents we need to finish wrapping, and then we are all set. I can't wait for next week and our stay-cation that we will be enjoying!

Just another reason our neighbors are wonderful: The elderly, but very energetic, neighbor on our right side was on a job and the man he was doing work for was looking to get rid of this tether ball. He thought of our boys and brought it to us. The kids have been loving it. They were out there first thing this morning playing with it. He is the same neighbor who has given us bags of potatoes, beans and rice. He brought us more beans and rice yesterday, as well as a box of different wines and some home brews, in addition to the tether ball. He is so sweet and kind, and we are so blessed to have such wonderful, amazing neighbors.

by Rachel Wolf Photography

This week is the week of making caramels and cinnamon rolls. Everyone at work has been harassing Ben about when they are getting them this year. It makes me laugh that now they have decided it's tradition. So I will be very busy this week supplying them with goodies.

I've been working on a few pairs of fingerless mittens for an order. Just a pair of man mitts, and a pair of heart mitts. Once they are done I will be done with orders for the rest of the year so I can focus on family activities. We will be so busy these next two weeks with all the family events we have going on. I'm excited, but already exhausted from just the thought of how busy we will be!

I'm also thinking about changing my business name to something less specific, in order to incorporate some other things like handmade soaps.... What do y'all think? Would you be interested in soaps and things, or should I stick to the knits?

Well, that's what we've been up to.

What are your plans for the holidays?

All the snow pictures are from a trip we took to the mountains about a month ago and were taken by my beautiful sister who does amazing photography. Anyone local looking for a photographer can email me for her info!
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