December 31, 2012

Christmas Week Recap

I think I've totally lost my blogging mojo. My brain isn't giving me many words.

The pictures are blurry because children, especially excited ones, never sit still, haha. We had a very nice Christmas and I think everyone enjoyed their presents. It's been off and on drizzly, which made it even nicer. But now Christmas is over, so I'm ready for spring!

Ben was able to finagle the week off from work, and it was blissfully wonderful. We spent the whole week finishing the garage (ok, he did most of it, but I helped paint), and it looks so nice now. He installed four more lights, so now I have tons of light to do laundry by!

I really didn't want to give him up. But life has to return to normal. Unfortunately, he started overtime again today, and it is supposed to last until at least April. Bleh.

Over the holiday we found out that my mother has a very large tumor/cyst/mass in her stomach. She'll be having surgery to remove it on the 9th. They aren't sure what it is exactly, where it originates from, or if it's cancerous, but they'll find that out with the surgery. Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

Happy Monday all, I'll be sharing my goals for 2013 later in the week!


Farm Girl said...

great pictures!!! I love that Munchie got to open presents too. I can't believe that he is coming up on a year so fast. I will be praying for your Mom. I can understand why your mojo is a little off.
Your garage looks fantastic!!!!

Kessie said...

I'll bet it was great to have Ben for a whole week! Looks like you had such a nice Christmas! I'll be praying for you and your mom.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Meg, I'm so sorry to read about your mom. I'm sure you must be so worried - I know I would be. My thoughts and prayers are absolutely with her.
Happy to hear Ben was able to be home for the week and I love the "excited"/blurry photos - these years just don't last long enough. :) Wishing you and your family a happy New Year.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I hope all goes well with your Mom and I will definitely keep her in my prayers. The boys are adorable and look like they enjoyed their gifts. The garage is spotless. Good job done by you two. You can't even move around ours. Snow blowers, shovels, large buckets of sand and salt for the winter ice. My driveway is very steep and it need lots of salt to melt the ice.

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