August 29, 2011

The "What We Did" Post

Actually, we didn't do a whole lot. Ha!

Two years since our last vacation. And Ben working 6-7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day since March. We were both so ready for this get away of no plans aside from eating and sitting.

We left early Thursday morning and got to the camp site around noon.  We set up our little camp and I made sandwiches. The closest neighbors we had were at least two campsites over in either direction and it was so nice. The weather was deliciously cold, but sunny at the same time. The fog rolled in and out that first day.

We went down to the beach to build sand castles after I had a nap. I sat while daddy showed the boys how to do it, and then built his own with the shovel we brought. The kids were stoked. It was so fun to watch them "get it" and make their own by packing the sand in their buckets, turning them over, then giving them a good whack to loosen the "castle".

The rest of the day was spent with me reading and Ben whittling while the kids played in more sand.

Friday we had breakfast and puttered around. Went for a walk down the beach in the morning, went to our favorite fish & chips place for lunch, then built more sand castles in the afternoon. Again, reading and whittle and playing!

Unfortunately that evening after we got back from building sand castles a whole mess of people showed up. The campsite next to us filled up with a family that set up WAY TO CLOSE, had no respect for our space, and spent the evening staring at us. We felt so weird and uncomfortable that we went to bed early just to hide in our tent. We decided we would leave a day early and head home because it quickly turned into Not So Fun.

It was actually nice to come home early, since we still had a day to relax at home. We had breakfast and broke down camp and got on the road before 9, to get home around lunch. I miss the cold weather but we both felt so rested and relaxed that it was still nice to be home. It was good because the kids were getting restless by Friday evening (should have brought more toys) and our bodies were sore from lack of padding on the tent floor (don't buy those blue foam things. They don't work for anything). All in all though we both felt it was a very successful, peaceful vacation.

This guy landed across the camp grounds on Friday afternoon.

Now we know that next time we will go Monday-Friday.

I didn't get nearly as much knitting done as I thought I would, but I did get half way through On the Shores of Silver Lake. And I did work out a new mitten design in my head and started it yesterday.

We got good news Wednesday after Ben got off work - They're going back down to 10s! Yay! (They've been working 12s with 10s on Saturdays for a long time now. 10s will feel like he's hardly working at all!)

I don't feel like I've been disconnected from electronics long enough, so I'm not sure how much I'll be hopping around the internet. It was so very nice to not be connected to anything. I'll probably stay away for a bit longer to give my brain longer to refresh and slow down.

For those of you wondering - My sister and I have decided we are going to do the craft show and I'll be going to register sometime this week (hopefully, if I can get over to the office).

Happy almost September!

August 22, 2011

Monday Morning

How about some random for today, hmm?

Today is August 22nd and around here that means the start of school! Normally, this wouldn't mean anything to me at all. But this year I'm super excited because our neighbor has been babysitting her obnoxious, rude, bratty, out of control, fowl mouthed nieces and nephews all summer and I'm SO SO GLAD they won't be here anymore. So bad to the point I would need to bring my children inside from our own backyard because the hellions would be cussing and throwing things over the fence at them. Totally not cool.

Today is breezy and slightly overcast and it's beautiful. I woke up and immediately opened every single door and window possible to let in the wonderful smell. The world around us is cooling and I hope it means an early fall and a deliciously cold and wet winter.

The top picture is how our garden looks now, after a fit of cleaning yesterday afternoon. It's gotten so out of hand this year. With Ben working so much by the time Sunday rolls around (his only day off, if at all) we just want to sit and enjoy each other rather than pull weeds. But standing looking at it yesterday after Ben mowed the lawn... I couldn't take it anymore. Half the plants were done and brown, the other half still alive but not producing, and the tomato plants... I was just sick of picking tomatoes. I've been having this thought that if the plants weren't going to earn their keep by giving us food, they couldn't stay anymore. So I ripped out the squash, cantaloupe, the green beans (or the sad excuse for them) and picked the last of the red tomatoes and the largest green ones and ripped out those plants too. And now I feel so much better. I am very excited for next year since we are going to compost the heck of the beds this winter and now we know what we need to do as far as trellising and staking.

We made a trip to Goodwill yesterday to find Ben a clock for work. I've been wanting to find a percolator and figured I would look for one, but if you know anything about thrift shopping... Well that doesn't usually work. It's not like you're going to Target, which will for sure have your item. So we perused the isles (Ben says we're developing a Goodwill addiction), found Ben a clock, and went to check out. I figured I wouldn't be so lucky. But as I was standing in line, looking around, I saw in a corner on the very top shelf a kettle. I thought "Cool, that would work instead" and walked over to look at it. Pulled off the lid and there are all the guts... it was a percolator! I was so excited! And it works wonderfully. We made a pot of decaf last night and it tasted so good. Fresh, boiled-water coffee is wonderful. I had a cup, then put the rest in the fridge to make iced coffee this week and I'm enjoying a delicious glass now. (By the way, Staci - the fudge you sent me goes wonderfully in coffee. Just saying. )

I have been thinking more and more about the Craft Show, and reading your encouraging comments and suggestions. Sandra suggested I do a pro/con list and run some numbers, which I had actually started doing already! (Great minds? Hehe.) I figure I will only need to sell three or four items (depending on what they are) to break even. I suggested to my sister that she sell some of her photos if I were to get a booth, and she was down for that. I am going to call the coordinator and ask some questions (expected crowd, years running, promotion of event, set up/take down times, etc.) to help make up my mind. Ben said that even if I am not a vendor then I should at least go as a shopper to get a feel for it, which I think I will do. The idea is less scary now the more I think of it, but I am not sure how much I could get done in three months and that is the biggest thing keeping me from jumping in.

Now, I really should stop rambling and go start chores.

Happy Monday,

August 21, 2011


This picture seemed appropriate for the theme of the post. ;)
I got our local recreation center's fall schedule in the mail this afternoon.

In it is a little ad for a "Holiday Craft Show" in November and gives information for vendors to sign up.

Usually I just flip through these flyers and don't think about it much, but this little ad caught my attention... And well... I'm sort of crazily thinking about getting a table... Maybe...

Here's what I would need, were I brave enough:

- $50 for space fee ($10 more if I want a table and chairs as well)
- A plethora of knits (and maybe patterns? and other crafties?)
- A few young, impressionable darling people to do my bidding and help out (and tie me to the table so I don't run away)
- WAY MORE nerves than I actually have

My cowardly side says "DANGER WILL ROBINSON! RUN AWAY". My business side says "Holy cow woman just do it, this could be a huge boost in exposure".

Granted, that only gives me two and a half-ish months to get a good amount of stuff knit up. And $50 extra to find since pulling it out of the business account would leave it a little tight unless I sell stuff in between now and registering (plus I'm sort of saving for a pattern charting program).

And I have no idea what kind of crowd this thing gets, since this is the first year I've heard of it. I'd hate to shell out that kind of money and have only  2 people walk through the door for the whole weekend. 

Perhaps there is someone else local who would want to go halves on the fees and sell their stuff with me?

Arg. Indecision and nerves.

August 20, 2011

What's Cookin: Hushpuppies

Have you ever bitten into a piece of food and had a memory flood over you? I had remembered hush puppies as I read the recipe, but the memory attached to them didn't come to life so vividly until I tasted them today.

When we were younger my dad would take us kids on "dates". We would go to a restaurant called the Hush Puppy and have dinner,  then listen to whatever band was playing that night if there was one. They would serve hush puppies as the pre-dinner snack as opposed to chips or bread. I don't really remember any of the other food, but I remember those hush puppies and the taste of them brings back those nights having dinner with just dad and my siblings and how fun it was.

I have been reading The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery (I actually checked it out from the library again because I didn't finish it the first time and love it). I'm in the section on planting, growing and using corn and this recipe for hush puppies was in there. For some reason I read the recipe and then stood up and walked into the kitchen to make them. That never happens. :)

1 C corn meal
1 C flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
Dash of salt
As much onion as you like (I did half a large), chopped
1 egg, beaten

Mix together corn meal, flour, soda, salt and onion. Stir in egg and enough milk to make a thick batter. Fry in a skillet of oil until browned on bottom, then flip over and brown the other side. Remove and drain on paper towels. 

I used grapeseed oil with a bit of bacon grease added in for flavor and they are wonderfully delicious. They weren't too hard either (just mix and fry!) and didn't make so much of a mess to turn me off from making them again. I'll probably be making these for snacks or a dinner side pretty often.

I ate 3 as they came out of the pan. The kids asked for more and more and I had to turn them away lest they ruin their dinner.

Happy Eating,

August 19, 2011

Finished Knit: Emilies in Grey

Two! Two finished knitting posts! Ah ha ha ha! (A la The Count.)

Again with the sad photos because of lighting/lack of husband to take pictures.

This pattern is apparently my current go-to little knitting right now. That and baby hats (did I mention I'm knitting another pink baby hat? They're just so tiny and cute.)

These will be going in the shop once I have better pictures.

Pattern: Emilie Mitts by Meg

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in "Ash" - 33 grams/152 yards

Needles: US 2/2.75 mm Harmony wood dpns

Knitline: July 31st - August 13th

YTD Mileage: 3.02 miles. Gee only 7 more miles to go to meet my goal this year...

Finished Knit: Emilies in Blue

I realize these are not very good photos. The light is very bright today, and well it's hard to take pictures of your own hands. :)

I actually finished this pair back in March, and haven't gotten around to taking pictures until now.

These are sort of saved for a fellow blogger, if she still wants them... If not, they'll be going in the shop!

Pattern: Emilie Mitts by Meg

Yarn: Cascade Heritage in Blue - 35 grams/153 yards

Needles: US 2/2.75 mm Harmony Wood dpns

Knitline: February 15th - March 8th

YTD Mileage: 2.93 yards.

Happy Knitting,

August 18, 2011

Confessions of a Homekeeper

My kitchen actually looks like this a lot.

So for some reason I feel like I should share this today.

I think I've done a good job fooling you all into thinking I'm some amazing June-Cleaver-esque type of person who's house is always wonderful and clean and perfect, even with 3 small boys running around.

But now I have to tell you the truth - the secrets to keeping my sanity while keeping the house.

1. I usually don't wash the breakfast dishes until after lunch. They idea of doing dishes that many times in one day makes me feel ill.

2. I don't sweep up the kitchen floor until after lunch (or sometimes dinner), and even then it's usually right before Ben gets home.

3. I can't believe I'm putting this one out where my mother-in-law can see it... Most days when the table cloth is dirty I just shake it out and flip it over to the clean side. I get two to three meals/days out of it this way before I need to wash it again. (I've tried vinyl tablecloths and I really just prefer fabric.) I do freshly wash it for company though.

4. I don't do it all by myself. I make my kids dust and (try to) sweep and mop floors and make their beds and they always clean up their toys. I mean... that's why we give birth to the little minions, isn't it?

5. Some weeks the bathroom just don't get cleaned.

6. While most Mondays are pretty good, sometimes the laundry doesn't get folded until Tuesday (or Wednesday *cough*).

7. Unspeakable things have been found growing in my fridge.

8. I've had "wash windows" on my to do list for 4 months and just now got around to doing it.

See? No where near June Cleaver. But my family gets fed and everyone's reasonably clean and usually wearing clothes. If I can do it, so can you! ;)

Happy Almost-Weekend-Thursday,


August 17, 2011

New Pattern: Babylove Blanket

It's ready! The Babylove Blanket Pattern is finished!

A big, big, huge, enormous, gigantic thank you to Allison, Debbie and Linda for their help in getting this ready for the world. Knitters are the best. :)

This pattern is available for purchase through Ravelry (no membership required) and Etsy.

Happy Knitting!

August 16, 2011

Harvest From The Week

Not harvested, just pretty
Before anything else, I want to say WELCOME to all the new people I've had visit lately! Thank you for your lovely comments - it's nice to meet you all! :)

I wanted to show you what we've had come out of the garden lately. While it's not been anywhere near what I was hoping for this year, it hasn't been a total bust and we have gotten a wee harvest.

A (very large) bunch of basil is hanging to dry. This is just about all of our biggest plant with just a few stalks left for seed. I still have a few plants getting bigger and I will use those for pesto.

I pulled more onions from the garden, set them out to dry in the sun for a few days, and got them braided this morning. Unfortunately I lost a few to over-moist soil which made them squishy and moldy. But all in all most of them are fine. It tickles me that I can walk over to the wall and pick off an onion. I still haven't used them yet but I'm hoping to do that tonight!

This is two pickings of tomatoes. Each time I come out of the garden both pockets of my apron are full (and they're pretty big pockets too). Although it's funny how it doesn't look like much when they're in the sink because it sure felt like a daunting task looking at them on the counter. I got them sliced this morning and this bunch gave me 1 full quart and half of a gallon zip bags. They're in the freezer now, awaiting their fate as tomato sauce.

I also grabbed a golden yellow spaghetti squash this morning, and one more awaits me. I've got probably another gallon's bag worth of tomatoes still ripening and our cantaloupes (all three of them, heh) are taking their sweet time to turn ripe. I have two eggplant plants from my grandmother and I haven't a single eggplant. Oh well. Maybe next year!

Everything is so tired and we need to start pulling out the dieing and done plants and get the dirt ready for next spring.

How does your garden grow? What have you been able to harvest this year?

Happy Fresh Eating,

August 12, 2011

Invaders From The Outside

I went to the back door in the kitchen to pick up a towel from the floor and when I turned around to hang it on the kitchen chair, this is what I saw

He really was that bright of green too. There is so much nature in my kitchen!

Happy Friday!

August 11, 2011

{phfr} - August 11th!

round button chicken

I haven't done a link up to anyone in awhile and I have pictures to share so what a perfect day to do it with a {pretty, happy, funny, real}! If you haven't read Like Mother, Like Daughter you're really missing out. Please go read it. And read the archives while you're at it. All of them (I did!), because they're all brilliant. I wish Auntie Leila was really my Auntie.

 The mint is going to seed, so we have these little white flower bunches all over. I was hoping to harvest a good amount for tea over the winter, but I think the bugs won.

My very favorite doctors visit is where I either see the baby or hear the heart beat for the first time. I was lucky to have both yesterday! I love hearing my babies' heartbeats for the first time. It's such a wonderful thing and it rushes over me, filling me with such a sense of peace (that everything is fine) and even more love and contentment at this new creature I am blessed to carry. I think the first few weeks are the hardest when I can't feel or see the baby and I am filled with the nerves that something might be wrong. But all is well!

I went through the closet and realized just how many projects I have on the needles. Emilies (front - grey), a Top Down Pi Hat (front, pink), a loop hat for J (fuzzy light blue), the market bag that still needs another ball of yarn (red), the AMS shawl (green) and the Around the World shawl (purple). If we count the embroidery sampler and the rag rug, I don't need to start a new project for a long time...

And this is why you always, ALWAYS let your bread cool in the loaf pan for at least 5 minutes before de-panning it so that the structure solidifies. The sad part is I've known this for as long as I've been making bread (4 years now), but I had a moment of dumb yesterday and dumped it out as soon as it came out of the oven. And deflation is what I got. Still tastes good though (thus the missing other half).

Today I get to scrub my kitchen. Happy Thursday,

August 8, 2011

A Bit More Sewing

Do y'all remember this dress, and how I said it was a bit tight?

Well, Friday I decided to fix it. That meant a LOT of resewing and a LOT of seam ripping. I'm not sure how I found the time, but nap time and a Harry Potter movie for me while sewing were involved.

I start by taking off the sleeves and pulling out the shoulder seams. Then I flipped it inside out and re-seamed the panels that weren't trimmed with a smaller seam allowance (1/4" rather than 1/2" I believe). I did the same to the lining. Then I ripped out the previous seams of both the dress and lining.

After all that ripping I re-sewed up the lining/dress arm hole a little bigger so it wasn't so tight, re-sewed the shoulder seams a little looser, and reattached the sleeves. Phew! Then a little ironing, the hemming at the edge, and the final ironing and ....

Tada! (Sorry for the weird look on my face. I don't like having my picture taken, even when I'm the one taking it!)

It's a good deal looser and much more comfortable now. I don't feel like my arms are trying to be severed and I can breathe! I feel terribly girly in it.

The only problem I had was the sleeves kept slipping off my shoulders, so I fixed that by attaching some ribbon across the back and tied them together. Now it's perfect! (Well, I still need to put the hook & eye in at the top of the zipper.)

I'm so glad I got it fixed and it wasn't a waste of material or time. The best part is it's loose enough around the belly that I can wear it for awhile still with the baby bump to come. And next time... I'll make sure I pay attention to all of my measurements and not just make the pattern based off one part of my body.

Happy Monday,

August 5, 2011

Just Some Things

Thank you, thank you all for such sweet, encouraging comments yesterday. I've had no doubt that this baby is supposed to be here, but the attitudes are hard to deal with sometimes. I'm so blessed to have you all backing me up and keeping me grounded. It hurts my heart to think that if these are the comments we get, then we can guess how they feel about their own children. I know how much I love my own kiddos and I don't know how anyone could feel that babies and children are anything but wonderful.

Do you like my new kitchen decoration? These are the first few onions out of our garden! I saw their tops had turned mostly brown and fallen over, so I pulled them out of the ground on Wednesday and let them sit out there to cure for a day. Then yesterday I brought them inside, braided them up and snipped the extra ends off (to make them less unruly). They'll be curing there for awhile before we use them. We still have quite a few in the ground that aren't ready yet. Not even close to enough to last us a year, but a good start. We have so many plans for next year's garden!

Our biggest sunflower is pretty much ready, so I think I'll cut it down and hang it up today. Our mint and basil are starting to go to seed so I need to get those cut as well. The mint I will dry for tea, and the basil will be split between drying for cooking and making pesto to go in the freezer.

I was hopping around blogs last night and at some point came across this flickr set that has vintage embroidery transfers. Some of them are ADORABLE. I have learned that thin fabric doesn't work very well for embroidery so I am hoping to get some flour sack towels and embroider them for the kitchen.

Have a wonderful Friday,

August 4, 2011

What's Cookin': Vanilla Wafers

I wanted to post about rude, over-opinionated, child hating people who can't keep their damn mouths shut (When did "You know, you can get that fixed" replace "Congratulations!" ?!? And what business is it of theirs how many children we have? We can pay for and care for every one. It's not like we're on welfare. And when did 4 become a large number?? Oops, I guess I'm posting about it...), but I'm so stupidly angry about it, how about I share this delicious recipe for Vanilla Wafers instead?

Because it really is so good. I've had the recipe bookmarked for awhile but haven't had the chance to make them. Plus it takes a stick of butter and it's hard for me to let go of my butter in big chunks. I'm so glad I did for this recipe. They taste like the boxed stuff! Only better!

The recipe I used called for vanilla seeds scraped from the bean, but I don't just have those lying around my kitchen, so I omitted them. If you can get your hands on them, it calls for 1 whole bean's worth of seeds mixed in with the butter and sugar.

Here we go!

Vanilla Wafers - Makes about 4 cups (ish)
8 Tbs (1 stick) butter, softened
1/4 tsp salt
1 C sugar
1 large egg white
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 Tbs milk
1 1/3 C AP flour
3/4 tsp baking powder

Preheat oven to 350*.
With an electric mixer cream butter, salt and sugar until light.
Beat in egg white until well incorporated, scraping sides of bowl to mix well.
Beat in extract and milk until well incorporated.
Mix together flour and baking power and add to butter mixture. Mix well.
Fill a plastic zip bag with dough and snip off the end (or use a pastry bag with a plain attachment. Zip bags are easier to clean up though - trash can!).
Pipe dough onto cookie sheets into nickle sized mounds about 1 inch apart.
Bake for 15 -20 minutes until lightly browned, rotating every 5 minutes or so for even coloring. Cool before storing. 

These were so stinking easy it seriously took me only about 10 minutes to mix it up and pipe it. I'm thinking I'll have to use these to make a Banana Cream Pie... ;)

Happy Eating,

August 3, 2011

Something Better

I feel bad about leaving y'all with such a grumpy post yesterday, so let's make it better with knitting, shall we?

Here is the pair of Emilie's in grey that I cast on to take the doctor's office. I could tell I was really nervous about going, because I cast these on Saturday so I was SURE to have something with me if I needed it. My panicking is worse if I don't have knitting with me. It's my security blanket.

I like this grey very much and the cabling is just so pretty. Although it's pretty bad when you forget your own design and have to look it up...

I wanted to show you the progress of the Around The World shawl, but it's hard to really see it without blocking. Hopefully you can kind of tell whats going on with this picture. It's really turning out nicely and aside from a hissy fit, maybe a few expletives aimed at the person who invented nupps (pronounced "noops"), and the decision to use beads instead... it's been really fun to knit. I'm half way through clue 10 and 11 is sitting by waiting for me. I think 12 comes out at the end of the month so I have some time.

Since the beads are hard to see in that picture, here is a different one

Still hard to see the lace patterning, and that color is not correct, but at least it's more than just a blob of yarn.

I forgot about the market bag until I opened the closet the other day. I ran out of yarn and it's really not enough, even if I put a green edging on it. So it's waiting for me to go get some more yarn... whenever that will be. I've also had a request reminder from Jack for a Loop hat in orange. I had forgotten about that so I guess I need to cast that on.

I am making bread today - not only our sweet toast bread, but I found a recipe in Fanny Farmer for Oatmeal Bread that involves, well, oatmeal of course and molasses and I made it with half whole wheat flour.

I wish you could smell my kitchen right now. Heaven.

Happy Wednesday my friends,

August 2, 2011

Well, That Was Fun

Yep, that's about how I feel.

I feel like complaining.

I had my first "appointment" today. And by "appointment" I don't mean I actually saw a doctor.

It was the "oh we're gonna ask you to fill out paperwork with questions like 'Is your husband the father of your child' (!!!)" interview with the nurse lady where they type stuff in the computer and tell me my due date.

And tell me I'm getting blood work done. Today. Woo.

Well, I'll tell you the good parts.

I'm "officially" due March 5th at the moment, but that could change when I go in for the dating ultrasound next appointment. And by their little calculation wheel thing, I'm 9 weeks pregnant today. Yay! Happy about that.

Not happy about the blood work and having to pee in a cup TWICE. I mean really. Who has to pee that often, pregnant or not? And the phlebotomist... Not so great. In which I mean "OW OW OW OW". My arm is so sore. I really hope the lady I had with Duder is still working there. She was wonderful. And why must they take 5 whole vials? Don't they only need a drop for their stupid tests? And hasn't anyone considered that my blood would be doing a whole lot more for the baby than sitting in a lab? *sigh*

But there are good points to it. Like finding out I'm 9 weeks (I figured I was 8, so that's cool). And getting Ben to myself for a few hours. It always nice to have him with me. And finally getting the ball rolling on all this. And I did like that the nurse scheduled me for two more appointments first thing so that I didn't have to do it later. That was nice.

But now, I think I'll go eat some peach cobbler with whipped cream.

You know, for the baby.*

Hope your Tuesday is blood work free,

*I told Ben yesterday, after he found out I was making cobbler, that every time I opened the freezer and saw the peaches I kept thinking "Oooooh... Peaches..." and he looked at me and said "I like this baby!!". Because I've been wanting nothing but sweets and junk food, so he's been getting all kinds of good stuff. Hehe.

August 1, 2011

Well Hello August

Welcome to August! Can you believe it's here already? I can't. I have no idea where this year is going. Although I am happy that now it's getting closer to fall. Thanksgiving, Christmas, cold weather and ridiculous amounts of food. My favorites. :)

Spaghetti Squash

Our garden is so tired and gimp. I pulled out our sad excuses for corn stalks yesterday, as well as the pinto bean bushes that never got higher than a foot. Since we now have free room in the bed I put some of the out of control squash plants back in. They've been slowly roaming around between the beds and climbing my tomato bushes. Next year we will be trellising (hopefully) so they go up instead of out. My grandmother did that this year and it's worked beautifully. We'll have a few more squash and cantaloupes ripening soon, and the tomatoes are coming in quite nicely.

I love this picture of the sunflower. I think it pretty much sums up how I feel by the end of summer.  Droopy and tired, but still holding on.

Ben smoked a pork roast last night with the apple wood we got. Oh, it was delicious. He made up a rub with brown sugar and ground mustard and some other spices and the outside was so very good.

I made salsa yesterday with tomatoes and peppers from the garden and it was very yummy. Something about walking out back and picking our own produce to eat is just so fulfilling. I think we'll have pork tacos tonight with the leftover pork, salsa, and some avocados our neighbor gave us.

I've been slowly plugging away on the Around the World shawl, I started a pair of Emilies in grey and I'm having ideas for a baby jacket. I'll have to see if I can hash it out and make it into real life.

I wanted to share this site with you called Sew Weekly. It's all about outfits and most of them are very retro/50's/60's inspired. They have done a lot of dresses that I love. I'm so happy the 50's style is starting to come back in a bit, since I love it so much. It's so classic and modest, but in a very cute way. I need to make myself some more dresses.

Welp, today is Monday and that means chore day. I'm about half way done with my chores for the week, so I can sit on my butt and knit for the rest of the week. Right? Haha...

I love when new months start on Monday. Seems very appropriate, doesn't it?

Happy Monday,
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