August 21, 2011


This picture seemed appropriate for the theme of the post. ;)
I got our local recreation center's fall schedule in the mail this afternoon.

In it is a little ad for a "Holiday Craft Show" in November and gives information for vendors to sign up.

Usually I just flip through these flyers and don't think about it much, but this little ad caught my attention... And well... I'm sort of crazily thinking about getting a table... Maybe...

Here's what I would need, were I brave enough:

- $50 for space fee ($10 more if I want a table and chairs as well)
- A plethora of knits (and maybe patterns? and other crafties?)
- A few young, impressionable darling people to do my bidding and help out (and tie me to the table so I don't run away)
- WAY MORE nerves than I actually have

My cowardly side says "DANGER WILL ROBINSON! RUN AWAY". My business side says "Holy cow woman just do it, this could be a huge boost in exposure".

Granted, that only gives me two and a half-ish months to get a good amount of stuff knit up. And $50 extra to find since pulling it out of the business account would leave it a little tight unless I sell stuff in between now and registering (plus I'm sort of saving for a pattern charting program).

And I have no idea what kind of crowd this thing gets, since this is the first year I've heard of it. I'd hate to shell out that kind of money and have only  2 people walk through the door for the whole weekend. 

Perhaps there is someone else local who would want to go halves on the fees and sell their stuff with me?

Arg. Indecision and nerves.


Farm Girl said...

Cool!! I have never seen that before either. I think it might be fun??? for you. Lot of work but like you said, lots of exposure.

Allison said...

Oh yes, do it. Even if it turns out to be a lot of money for little sales, I think it might be nice to know you tried. The most you stand to lose is 60 dollars. Wouldn't it feel downright adventurous?

Rachel said...

I would pay for it for you! That's awesome. And I would definitely help at your booth if you needed it.
You have my vote.

no spring chicken said...

My girls do a craft fair at our local Christian school each year. We have a great time... and they turn a decent little profit. If you want my opinion, I say go for it. If there aren't many people, you have all of your Christmas presents taken care of... Either way you win!

Blessings, Debbie

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Probably, you already have a table and chair so you save $10 right off the start. Do a pro/con and numbers plan to see if you can make money or, at the very least, break even. Unless, it's just about having fun and then go for it all out -grin-.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

I'm with your husband.....Just do it!!!! :)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

For some reason I am having a hard time commenting on your blog. This post was the only one I could get the comment box to appear. Anyway, I love your coffee pot(so shiny), the hush puppies look mouthwatering and you would be crazy not to do the the craft show. Your knitting is truly beautiful and people will be lining up to purchase your wares. Go for it!

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