August 1, 2011

Well Hello August

Welcome to August! Can you believe it's here already? I can't. I have no idea where this year is going. Although I am happy that now it's getting closer to fall. Thanksgiving, Christmas, cold weather and ridiculous amounts of food. My favorites. :)

Spaghetti Squash

Our garden is so tired and gimp. I pulled out our sad excuses for corn stalks yesterday, as well as the pinto bean bushes that never got higher than a foot. Since we now have free room in the bed I put some of the out of control squash plants back in. They've been slowly roaming around between the beds and climbing my tomato bushes. Next year we will be trellising (hopefully) so they go up instead of out. My grandmother did that this year and it's worked beautifully. We'll have a few more squash and cantaloupes ripening soon, and the tomatoes are coming in quite nicely.

I love this picture of the sunflower. I think it pretty much sums up how I feel by the end of summer.  Droopy and tired, but still holding on.

Ben smoked a pork roast last night with the apple wood we got. Oh, it was delicious. He made up a rub with brown sugar and ground mustard and some other spices and the outside was so very good.

I made salsa yesterday with tomatoes and peppers from the garden and it was very yummy. Something about walking out back and picking our own produce to eat is just so fulfilling. I think we'll have pork tacos tonight with the leftover pork, salsa, and some avocados our neighbor gave us.

I've been slowly plugging away on the Around the World shawl, I started a pair of Emilies in grey and I'm having ideas for a baby jacket. I'll have to see if I can hash it out and make it into real life.

I wanted to share this site with you called Sew Weekly. It's all about outfits and most of them are very retro/50's/60's inspired. They have done a lot of dresses that I love. I'm so happy the 50's style is starting to come back in a bit, since I love it so much. It's so classic and modest, but in a very cute way. I need to make myself some more dresses.

Welp, today is Monday and that means chore day. I'm about half way done with my chores for the week, so I can sit on my butt and knit for the rest of the week. Right? Haha...

I love when new months start on Monday. Seems very appropriate, doesn't it?

Happy Monday,


Farm Girl said...

I agree a new month that gets it right by starting on a Monday is just alright. It sound like you guys had a nice day.
School starts in 4 weeks from today so I am sort of in a panic but not that much. I bought my new lesson plan/day planner and it starts today.
It just makes me happy.
I hope you are feeling better and a little more rested.

mountain mama said...

That sunflower represents how I feel too! Come on fall and winter! I love, love homemade salsa!!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said... I love homemade salsa!! Sorry about the garden. The sunflowers do look pretty though.

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