August 16, 2011

Harvest From The Week

Not harvested, just pretty
Before anything else, I want to say WELCOME to all the new people I've had visit lately! Thank you for your lovely comments - it's nice to meet you all! :)

I wanted to show you what we've had come out of the garden lately. While it's not been anywhere near what I was hoping for this year, it hasn't been a total bust and we have gotten a wee harvest.

A (very large) bunch of basil is hanging to dry. This is just about all of our biggest plant with just a few stalks left for seed. I still have a few plants getting bigger and I will use those for pesto.

I pulled more onions from the garden, set them out to dry in the sun for a few days, and got them braided this morning. Unfortunately I lost a few to over-moist soil which made them squishy and moldy. But all in all most of them are fine. It tickles me that I can walk over to the wall and pick off an onion. I still haven't used them yet but I'm hoping to do that tonight!

This is two pickings of tomatoes. Each time I come out of the garden both pockets of my apron are full (and they're pretty big pockets too). Although it's funny how it doesn't look like much when they're in the sink because it sure felt like a daunting task looking at them on the counter. I got them sliced this morning and this bunch gave me 1 full quart and half of a gallon zip bags. They're in the freezer now, awaiting their fate as tomato sauce.

I also grabbed a golden yellow spaghetti squash this morning, and one more awaits me. I've got probably another gallon's bag worth of tomatoes still ripening and our cantaloupes (all three of them, heh) are taking their sweet time to turn ripe. I have two eggplant plants from my grandmother and I haven't a single eggplant. Oh well. Maybe next year!

Everything is so tired and we need to start pulling out the dieing and done plants and get the dirt ready for next spring.

How does your garden grow? What have you been able to harvest this year?

Happy Fresh Eating,


Allison said...

Well just today at lunch I sent my poor hubby for a loop. He had just finished putting up bags of garden beans in the freezer a couple days ago, and this morning I went outside to pick some for lunch. When he came home and saw the beans, he was pleased that I had prepared garden beans! So I turned toward my pots to hide my deceptive face and said, "Oh, I hope you don't mind that I unfroze some of the beans for lunch... I was in a hurry."

I could actually FEEL him turn around and stare at me. "Really? You didn't just pick some out of the garden?"

"No," I replied, lying through my teeth but laughing to tears inside, "I just used the ones in the we have extra room to freeze more."


I lasted about two full minutes until I burst out laughing. But I tricked him - YES I DID!

mountain mama said...

what is the first picture of? it's stunning!! love the onions and basil...yum!

no spring chicken said...

What you have harvested looks fabulous! So far nothing from my tomato plants. The fruit is large and lovely but not red yet...

I didn't post my blanket this week because I had a glitch. Totally my error so I had to unpick back a ways putting me behind. I got off on my moss stitch and didn't notice until I was 5 rows forward. Aargh! How did I not see it? Anyway, I'm still enjoying the knit very much. Even with the unpicking I had to do.

Blessings, Debbie

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Beautiful photos!! Looks like you've gathered quite a few things. My muskmelon and winter squash seem to be a bust this year. I just discovered something chomping on my cabbage tonight.....aargh!!!!

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