August 5, 2011

Just Some Things

Thank you, thank you all for such sweet, encouraging comments yesterday. I've had no doubt that this baby is supposed to be here, but the attitudes are hard to deal with sometimes. I'm so blessed to have you all backing me up and keeping me grounded. It hurts my heart to think that if these are the comments we get, then we can guess how they feel about their own children. I know how much I love my own kiddos and I don't know how anyone could feel that babies and children are anything but wonderful.

Do you like my new kitchen decoration? These are the first few onions out of our garden! I saw their tops had turned mostly brown and fallen over, so I pulled them out of the ground on Wednesday and let them sit out there to cure for a day. Then yesterday I brought them inside, braided them up and snipped the extra ends off (to make them less unruly). They'll be curing there for awhile before we use them. We still have quite a few in the ground that aren't ready yet. Not even close to enough to last us a year, but a good start. We have so many plans for next year's garden!

Our biggest sunflower is pretty much ready, so I think I'll cut it down and hang it up today. Our mint and basil are starting to go to seed so I need to get those cut as well. The mint I will dry for tea, and the basil will be split between drying for cooking and making pesto to go in the freezer.

I was hopping around blogs last night and at some point came across this flickr set that has vintage embroidery transfers. Some of them are ADORABLE. I have learned that thin fabric doesn't work very well for embroidery so I am hoping to get some flour sack towels and embroider them for the kitchen.

Have a wonderful Friday,


Kessie said...

How long do you have to hang onions to cure them? I never realized they had a curing process at all.

Our mint plant is covered in caterpillars, from those little brown moth things. This makes it completely unusable for tea, but a very interesting science experiment for small childrens who can pick up caterpillars and watch them eat leaves. :-)

Meg said...

I'm not sure the exact time period, but I know they need to have a few good skins on them if you want them to last. You can store them in braids for a long time.

Our mint is mostly skeleton leaves too, so that's another reason I need to get it all chopped back. The only usable ones are small, but that's better than nothing!

Farm Girl said...

I am glad you feel better. Your onion braid looks great. I am going to have to do that soon only my tops aren't brown yet.
Have fun with your garden today.

Lilacs 4 Angels said...

Meg, I'm so happy that you are feeling better. Some people have nothing better to do than try to make others miserable. I believe children are a blessing from God. Our eldest daughter is due with her little girl, Emma, the end of September. She has a son who is now 14 so this pregnancy is nothing like her first.

I love your blog (may try to make the vanilla wafers this afternoon). Reading it makes me feel right there with you.

Have a great day!

Meg said...

Oh Ruth I'm so glad you're still here. Thanks for such a sweet comment and congrats on the new baby-to-come! I agree with you, and I'm so glad we're taking these gifts as we are given them! I miss all the knitting group so much and I hope one of these days I'll be able to come again.

Allison said...

You can visit the Bern onion market in the fall where they make and sell long, colorful onion braids! I love this.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Wow - impressed that your onions are so far along. Mine aren't ready yet. Have you ever tried freezing mint? I haven't yet, but I think I'll give it a go this year. Herbs seem to have more freshness when they're frozen rather than dried. I love mint I may have to go make some. :-) Wishing you a better week my friend!!

no spring chicken said...

Meg, your onions are beautiful. I'm really into edible art! ;)

I did a bit of knitting in the car this weekend. I'm dying to get through just one set of blocks. Everything looks so great. I love the detail of your pattern and so far it seems to be spot on! I'll keep you posted. I hope you don't mind but I asked my mom to give it a go too. She's been knitting a lot longer than I have! She said she'd be happy to...

So, now that this baby blanket has become my new knitting project, how do you want me to handle it on Wednesday? I'll post with Ginny and would be thrilled to provide a plug now and a link when you have it up and running, or would you rather I'm discreet with what the pattern is and where it came from until later?

Blessings, Debbie

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