August 22, 2011

Monday Morning

How about some random for today, hmm?

Today is August 22nd and around here that means the start of school! Normally, this wouldn't mean anything to me at all. But this year I'm super excited because our neighbor has been babysitting her obnoxious, rude, bratty, out of control, fowl mouthed nieces and nephews all summer and I'm SO SO GLAD they won't be here anymore. So bad to the point I would need to bring my children inside from our own backyard because the hellions would be cussing and throwing things over the fence at them. Totally not cool.

Today is breezy and slightly overcast and it's beautiful. I woke up and immediately opened every single door and window possible to let in the wonderful smell. The world around us is cooling and I hope it means an early fall and a deliciously cold and wet winter.

The top picture is how our garden looks now, after a fit of cleaning yesterday afternoon. It's gotten so out of hand this year. With Ben working so much by the time Sunday rolls around (his only day off, if at all) we just want to sit and enjoy each other rather than pull weeds. But standing looking at it yesterday after Ben mowed the lawn... I couldn't take it anymore. Half the plants were done and brown, the other half still alive but not producing, and the tomato plants... I was just sick of picking tomatoes. I've been having this thought that if the plants weren't going to earn their keep by giving us food, they couldn't stay anymore. So I ripped out the squash, cantaloupe, the green beans (or the sad excuse for them) and picked the last of the red tomatoes and the largest green ones and ripped out those plants too. And now I feel so much better. I am very excited for next year since we are going to compost the heck of the beds this winter and now we know what we need to do as far as trellising and staking.

We made a trip to Goodwill yesterday to find Ben a clock for work. I've been wanting to find a percolator and figured I would look for one, but if you know anything about thrift shopping... Well that doesn't usually work. It's not like you're going to Target, which will for sure have your item. So we perused the isles (Ben says we're developing a Goodwill addiction), found Ben a clock, and went to check out. I figured I wouldn't be so lucky. But as I was standing in line, looking around, I saw in a corner on the very top shelf a kettle. I thought "Cool, that would work instead" and walked over to look at it. Pulled off the lid and there are all the guts... it was a percolator! I was so excited! And it works wonderfully. We made a pot of decaf last night and it tasted so good. Fresh, boiled-water coffee is wonderful. I had a cup, then put the rest in the fridge to make iced coffee this week and I'm enjoying a delicious glass now. (By the way, Staci - the fudge you sent me goes wonderfully in coffee. Just saying. )

I have been thinking more and more about the Craft Show, and reading your encouraging comments and suggestions. Sandra suggested I do a pro/con list and run some numbers, which I had actually started doing already! (Great minds? Hehe.) I figure I will only need to sell three or four items (depending on what they are) to break even. I suggested to my sister that she sell some of her photos if I were to get a booth, and she was down for that. I am going to call the coordinator and ask some questions (expected crowd, years running, promotion of event, set up/take down times, etc.) to help make up my mind. Ben said that even if I am not a vendor then I should at least go as a shopper to get a feel for it, which I think I will do. The idea is less scary now the more I think of it, but I am not sure how much I could get done in three months and that is the biggest thing keeping me from jumping in.

Now, I really should stop rambling and go start chores.

Happy Monday,


mountain mama said...

yay for a fruitful trip to goodwill! can't beat that!

i'm ever so happy the brats are back in school too...ugh!

mountain mama said...

i mean the brats that were harassing your're right...that's totally NOT cool. i just don't get how parents can let their kids behave that way.

Kessie said...

The other kids were throwing things at your boys over the fence??? OMG that's horrible! What jerks! But they're gone now, HA.

Three months really isn't a lot of time for a craft show, unless you're going to knit like crazy between now and then. And unless you already have some stock that you could sell. Maybe it would be better to go look this year, then plan to sell stuff next year, so you have a whole year to stockpile.

Of course, next year, you'll have a new munchkin.

Lynn said...

I had to chuckle at you ripping out your garden. It sounds like you had had enough!! Ours has been disappointing so far this year, but we are still hopeful. Our tomatoes JUST started bearing fruit last week, so I am looking forward to getting some good fresh home-grown goodies. Today I'm going to make some mint sauce and try freezing it. Who knows how that will work out? :) Neat percolator, by the way. How fun, that you found what you were looking for.

Farm Girl said...

I really like your pretty coffee pot. I didn't know that you had creepy little kids next door.
I am so glad they are back in school too.
Yeah, I sat and stared at my garden and I am ready for mine to come out too. I am just tired of gardening.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Wow! Happy you found a percolator. It's good to have a Goodwill addiction. :) And the fudge in coffee.....I never even thought of doing that. Sort of like a mocha. I'll have to try it. My garden is starting to look half dead as well. Almost time to start ripping things out, but not quite. Hooray - glad you're considering the craft show!!

no spring chicken said...

That percolator... cute, cute! It's funny the immense satisfaction one can get from a Goodwill addiction. :)

Strange to hear so many speak of tomato plants that are done producing and turning brown. That Doesn't happen here. Just when everything is producing gangbusters we begin to worry about the first freeze. At some point I harvest all of the green tomatoes (and there are tons) and watch the plants freeze...

Blessings, Debbie

Sue said...

Love the percolator, I too have been looking one, coffee tastes so much better. I also enjoy Goodwill, but don't seem to find the treasures as my blogging friends.

I also know the feeling one gets when the garden is dying, you hate to see it go, but then you know it is time. It seems you have had a bountiful year too.
Thanks for sharing.

Allison said...

It is always an excellent decision to rip out garden plants. :D I applaud you.

As for the percolator...please pour me a cup?

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