August 2, 2011

Well, That Was Fun

Yep, that's about how I feel.

I feel like complaining.

I had my first "appointment" today. And by "appointment" I don't mean I actually saw a doctor.

It was the "oh we're gonna ask you to fill out paperwork with questions like 'Is your husband the father of your child' (!!!)" interview with the nurse lady where they type stuff in the computer and tell me my due date.

And tell me I'm getting blood work done. Today. Woo.

Well, I'll tell you the good parts.

I'm "officially" due March 5th at the moment, but that could change when I go in for the dating ultrasound next appointment. And by their little calculation wheel thing, I'm 9 weeks pregnant today. Yay! Happy about that.

Not happy about the blood work and having to pee in a cup TWICE. I mean really. Who has to pee that often, pregnant or not? And the phlebotomist... Not so great. In which I mean "OW OW OW OW". My arm is so sore. I really hope the lady I had with Duder is still working there. She was wonderful. And why must they take 5 whole vials? Don't they only need a drop for their stupid tests? And hasn't anyone considered that my blood would be doing a whole lot more for the baby than sitting in a lab? *sigh*

But there are good points to it. Like finding out I'm 9 weeks (I figured I was 8, so that's cool). And getting Ben to myself for a few hours. It always nice to have him with me. And finally getting the ball rolling on all this. And I did like that the nurse scheduled me for two more appointments first thing so that I didn't have to do it later. That was nice.

But now, I think I'll go eat some peach cobbler with whipped cream.

You know, for the baby.*

Hope your Tuesday is blood work free,

*I told Ben yesterday, after he found out I was making cobbler, that every time I opened the freezer and saw the peaches I kept thinking "Oooooh... Peaches..." and he looked at me and said "I like this baby!!". Because I've been wanting nothing but sweets and junk food, so he's been getting all kinds of good stuff. Hehe.


Kessie said...

Oh yeah, isn't that always a fun visit? I always feel so desperately sorry for the abused women who go in there that prompted these questions in the first place.

Five vials! Eww, hopefully it won't knock you on your butt too badly. Chow down on them peaches. And whatever else sounds good, too! I wanted nothing but fat my last pregnancy, and I think I made poor Ryan gain a ton of weight. :-D

Farm Girl said...

Wow 9 weeks, that is so cool. I can't wait until you get the ultrasound either.
Damn Vampires!!! It makes me mad that they take more and more blood. When I had K they took one. With P. It was 2 go figure.
So glad you had a nice day with Ben.
I am so glad you feel like eating lots of good stuff you need it for the baby right?
All good news.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

How exciting!!! LOVE the first photo. Made me smile because my computer is running so s-l-o-w that I was feeling exactly that same way. :) Yum peach, of course, for the baby.
Have a great week!

no spring chicken said...

Poor Meg. But 9 weeks! I'm glad to hear you're taking good care of that baby... and that hubby. :)

I'm working on your project this morning. Just a bit, to be sure... Looks very professional!

Blessings, Debbie

Allison said...

We had tons of apricots to put up, and since so many things were going on I just made jam. Now I wish I had made apricot cobbler. :(

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