June 1, 2011


I had a different post planned out for today, but it will have to wait because

Today we PAID OFF OUR CAR!!!!!

This means that aside from our mortgage WE ARE DEBT FREE!!!

Oh, such a wonderful feeling, knowing we won't have to pay that stupid car payment anymore.

This is the one benefit to Ben working all this overtime. We were able to pay it off not only 4 years before the end of the loan, but an additional 6 months ahead of what we were hoping for anyways (we were shooting for the end of the year).

And now I'm off to Happy Dance!!! :D



Kessie said...

Grats! That's a really major achievement! I know when we finally paid off my car, we were SO happy!

Gosh, you guys are sitting pretty now. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Wow that is so incredible. So proud of you both.

Allison said...

Yay! That IS good news!

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