May 27, 2011

Random Fiber Friday

TWO DAY WEEKEND!! Ben gets Monday off! Woot woot! We were hoping for three days, but two is better than just one! I'm so excited I can hardly wait for Sunday.

Now, I have to tell you the story of my dill. I had gone to plant some in the back planter and when I went to put the seed packet back in my apron.... the whole thing tipped and spilled all over the ground. Well, I figured I had planted what I wanted, picked up what I could, and the birds would probably eat the rest.

The dill I had actually planted never did sprout. But I have random little dill sprouts now, some in the planter, some out, and none where I had planned them. Ben mowed the ones that were on the outside of the planter, and I am leaving the ones on the inside, just to let them grow.

I decided to start a rag rug and I'm using these instructions from Little House in the Suburbs. I'm using black and white T-Shirt material from some terribly large T-shirts that Ben acquired... Which is a whole 'nother story in itself. I figure I will just go until I run out of fabric.

I'm nearly done with Clue 2 of the Goddness Knits shawl. It's been slow going this week as I got a random hair to deep clean the living room, and the kids and I have been going for walks and just generally too busy to do much knitting. I've not touched the other shawls either.

This shot of my little imp was snatched as he was curiously looking at the lens, trying to figure out what it did. Every time I snapped a pic, he ran away.

Happy Knitting,


Kessie said...

I'm so glad you get a weekend this weekend! Tell Ben to grab some good naps.

Your rag rug looks awesome! I suddenly want to rip up the old shirts we have around here and give it a shot.

Mimi said...

I LOVE the look on your little guy's face. Look at that grin! So cute!

Sue said...

I always enjoy reading of how your hands are busy creating, and the mishap with the dill has happened to me many times, and what a treat to go back and see them sprouting.
Loved the photo of your little one so adorable.
Enjoy your weekend.

Meg said...

Cindy: Why thank you! Although that look is usually followed by getting into something. ;)

Kess: It's been so fun, and so fast! I did this little bit in probably 45 minutes total. You could do it with old sheets too, if you have any!

Farm Girl said...

Oh now you have to come and show me, do you know how many books I have and I have never been able to do that???
Wow, I can't wait to see it.

Have a lovely two days, I am so excited Ben gets Monday off.
I love your pictures.

Lynn said...

Love your rag rug. And the picture of your little imp is the cutest EVER. If there is a cutest baby picture contest around, I think this little guy would win. I love how you snapped at precisely the right moment.

Allison said...

The cutest expression ever.. how sweet!

Dill is delicious and wild growing patterns are even better! What a relief to know there's a little chaos in your world, too! Something like "Dill Solidarity"!! :)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Lovin that last photo!! Too precious. I've been meaning to start a rag rug......I still haven't. Maybe this will give me inspiration. I really like the color of the yarn you're using. Beautiful! The dill story is cute.
Hoping your enjoying your time together!

no spring chicken said...

Things growing where they don't belong are just my favorites. Even if it is because you spilled the package!

Blessings, Debbie

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