May 23, 2011

Early Monday Morning

Have I mentioned how much I love our Sunday dinners? Yes, I think I have. They have been an especially nice thing since Ben is only home on Sundays right now. I am thinking I'll make it even more of a big deal and make some napkins, maybe find something to put on the table center-piece wise .... really gussy it up, but still keep it simple. The last few weeks, Ben has been BBQing our chicken since it's been warm. This week was some very delicious leg quarters.

This morning I went to take the kitchen towels out to the wash and what did I happen to see (after noticing some strange sounds)?

Stan had her babies!! We have three little ones: An all black, a black with stripey legs, and an all grey. They are really adorable. UPDATE 8:53AM: Make that four! She's had another black one since I posted, so I guess I'll be waiting for a final count!

It must have happened sometime after Ben left this morning (way too early), since everything was all cleaned up and they looked like they've had a bath. I gave her a bigger box and a fresh towel to allow for easier feeding.

She's doing great. She seems to be a little confused, but she rolls over and let's them nurse when they crawl up on her. And when I took them to put them in the new box she growled a bit. But she's been purring and is very happy to get pets. I think she's very proud of herself, which she should be.

I took the boys out there after breakfast was done, without saying anything. Jack sees them and says "What's this??" I tell him that Stan had her babies and he goes "Oh... babies!! They're so cuuuute!"

They started getting a little rowdy and Stan started getting a bit protective (good sign) so we went back inside and as we're leaving Jack says "Bye babies!!" It was very cute.

The Babylove blanket has just the bind off left! Hopefully I can get that done today and get it blocking by tomorrow, if not this afternoon. It only took me a bajillion years to finish it. ;)

Happy Kitten Monday!


Farm Girl said...

Oh very cute babies, that was so quick, she looks like a very good mommy. :) I love the boys comments.

Rachel said...

I want both that chicken and a meowmeow, but I'm not sure which one I want more.

Meg said...

Well, the chicken's all gone so it looks like you're getting a cat! Congratulations!! :D

Dawn said...

Oh your dinner looked sooooooooooooo good!
How do you keep cats with all the yarn in your house?;)))

Kessie said...

Congrats on the kitties! And we had leg quarters, too, only mine weren't so pretty because I'd never grilled chicken before and they got a bit charred.

Changes in the wind said...

What fun surprise...there is nothing as cute as kittens:)

Jennifer said...

kittens! what a great spring experience for the littles. congratulations ;)

Allison said...

I do hope the baby blanket isn't for the kitties. ;)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

I'm just catching up with blog reading.....congratulations Stan!!!!! How exciting!

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