July 20, 2009

FO: Springtime Swirl Shawl

Two posts in one day! Tada! I didn't get pictures done at the beach because... well I forgot. But! I got home and have this handy-dandy fence to thank for allowing me to use it as a prop.

Pattern: Springtime Swirl Shawl by Kristel Nyberg

Yarn: Knit Pick's Bare Merino Laceweight in "Natural" (undyed) - 1 1/2ish balls

Needles: US 3/ 3.25 mm

Variations: None!

It turned out pretty small, since I like a tight gauge and I only repeated the "sizing" clue once, instead of a few times like I probably should have. But, it makes a nice little shoulder shawl which was just enough to keep me warm while running around the house at the beach. I'm still not sure if I'll keep it, give it to someone small, or mayhaps use it as an antique looking table cloth.


grandmotherof3 said...

I wish live journal would let me change my name to grandmotherof5!
I still think that is so pretty, it would look pretty as a table topper too.

Mimi said...

wow! I love this one also. You are very, very good Meg!

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