August 28, 2012

Something Nicer

 That last post was a little bit whiny, so here's something different so I don't leave you with terrible attitude for a week.

Quick update - Ben took the car down to the transmission place and on the way there.... It didn't do a thing. No transmissions problems, no hiccups, no stalls, no nothing. He told the guy what happened, and how it was fine driving to the shop, and when the car got hooked up to the computer, he was told that it's the Mass Airflow Sensor (whatever that is). Apparently it's glitching out and not letting the transmission talk nicely with the rest of the car. So! One more thing to fix. Moving on...

Daddy taught the boys how to climb the tree in the back. Mama's still not sure how she feels about this, but the deal is they can't climb it if they can't get down themselves. One episode of Duder in the tree yelling "Mom - can noo get me down!" and my telling him I would only get him down once, after that he was staying up there, I think they got the point.

Morning Glory


The garden is slowly starting to come out.

On Sunday we harvested the heads of our largest sunflowers. We got two dinner plate sized heads, which are now drying out in the shed. We are still waiting on a few little ones to start drying out. The seeds will be brined and roasted for snacks.

The tomatillos are going to come out soon, since they're pretty much worthless. I think I might have gotten enough for one batch of green sauce.

The tomatoes are going to be thinned. I have a few little plants that never really got big enough to do anything. I will pull those out and see if the larger plant keeps going.

The pumpkin vine is ever so slowly dying. Not sure if it's something wrong, or just the course of life. I will probably pull off the ripe ones and let the vine keep going to see if the little green one that is on the end gets big. Then the vine is coming out too.

The peppers are still going crazy. In fact, they look like they're just getting started.

I started seeds for our fall/winter garden yesterday. I got seeds planted for leek, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and lettuce. We will direct sew spinach, radishes, collards, and carrots when the weather gets cooler. Our garlic is supposed to ship next month too. I'm so excited for a fall garden!

Mr. On the Move

My "little" man is in 12 month clothes now. For those of you who are good at math you'll realize that February to August does not equal 12 months. He's my giant 6 month old. He's also very into food. Looks like he is going to be like Duder and ween himself off around 6 months because he's more interested in food than in mama. Busy busy boys don't have time to sit around. Which is bittersweet, because mama really could use her hands back, but they don't snuggle as much...

My sister came over for a "photo shoot" today - Some more shawls and another pair of fingerless mittens will be going up in the shop.

That's been life around here. How's your Tuesday?


Kessie said...

I can't believe how big C is getting! What a great picture of him! I love the shot of the boys in the tree. Ah, so many years of tree-climbing ahead of them. :-)

I imagine this thing on the car is slightly cheaper to repair than the transmission?

Farm Girl said...

I am glad I got to see them yesterday. They do grow up so fast and the baby is just a sweet little hunk of a guy. Grandma doesn't believe a word of anything she heard yesterday. :) I believe they are all perfect gentlemen. It cracked me up to see them climbing that tree.
All your photos are very nice.

Leigh said...

My Tuesday was great and so far my Wednesday is too! I'm returning blog visits and wanted to thank you for the comment on mine. Great photos. Your little guy is a doll.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

The photos are great, especially that handsome little man of yours. Too cute! 12 months???? Oh boy. From the photo of your pumpkin the leaves look like they've been eaten by squash bugs. Mine are looking about the same right now. I love the tree story. Ha! That is just too funny. Happy to hear they at least seem to have a diagnosis for the transmission issue. Fingers crossed it will all work out. :)

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