August 5, 2013

Knitting, And What's On The Horizon

There are some changes coming to my business soon...

But first, what I'm knitting!

Last week my mom brought me a hand knit stocking, with the story that she had been at a friend's house and had been telling her that I was a knitter. Her friend walked into her closet and brought out this this stocking, saying her great aunt had knit it for her when she was born and she was hoping to find someone to make a similar one for her husband. She's been searching for the last few years for someone to do it, but has had no luck.

Well I love to knit, I love getting custom orders, I love a challenge, and this struck a special place in my heart since I have a similarly styled one that was knit by my great-grandmother for me when I was a baby.

After a few conversations with her, we decided to leave it pretty much the same, but change a few of the colors. I've been having so much fun with this! I loved deconstructing it and figuring out how it was put together, and recharting the motifs, and seeing the Santa and the words come to life as I knit. It's been a blast!

And now for the changes!

Mojito lip balm, Hazelnut coffee and unscented soaps

In October my sister and I will be participating in another craft show. This one is bigger, has been going for 12 years, and has had over 300 people attend (per show) in the past years. So hopefully it will be WAY better than the one we did a few years ago.

But here's my exciting news: I will be changing my business and using this craft show to launch my soaps and skin care products! I have been very busy building inventory, developing new formulas, designing branding, and doing lots of paperwork.

I will be renaming the Etsy shop and adding all of my new stuff into it.

I will still be doing custom knitting orders, and writing patterns as I design new things. You will still be able to find all my patterns on Ravelry in the same place.

I'm so excited about this new phase! I've been having so much fun with formulas and scents and ideas. I hope this will turn out to be very successful.

So stayed tuned for Bumblewood, launching October 2013! :)

Happy Monday,


Molly said...

I love the new name Meg!

Kessie said...

Oh boy, I'm sure your new products will sell like mad! Is it easier/quicker to make soaps and skincare things than to knit?

I still daydream about that brown sugar skin scrub you made for me years ago.

Farm Girl said...

I am so very proud of you for doing all of this. I love your soap and I know your other things are just as nice. I totally love how you made those stockings. That is so great. I can't wait to buy some goodies.

Kim said...

This is amazing Meg. Really, is there anything you are bad at? Lol

Amber said...

Wow! The stocking is looking great! And good for you in revamping your business! I'm also getting ready for our local Pumpkin Fest where I will have a booth this year.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Hooray for you! I guess great minds think alike since that's my new business as well. :) I'm going to do a couple of craft shows this year and then more next year once I get a bit of experience under my belt. I know you will do fantastic!!!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

That is so exciting, Meg! Congrats on the new business! The stocking looks awesome - great job!

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