December 31, 2014

2015 Here I Come

I am so excited for this new year, I can't even tell you. Last year, I pretty much missed the start of the year, and kind of half-assed some goals somewhere near the middle of January.

This year, totally different. I have so many goals and personal desires for this year. I want to make it so much better than the last two years. First, I have picked my "theme words" for 2015:

Grow & Simplify. 

I know, that kind of sounds like an oxymoron, but I can explain! I want to Grow in my knowledge and skills, but Simplify my schedule and how I do things so I don't go crazy. Because I'm tired of feeling crazy.

So! Here's what I'd like to accomplish for us as a household, and my personal goals for this year.

  • Get Chickens
  • Get Rabbit(s)
  • Payoff Truck (we broke down and finally bought one that will actually fit us all. Yes, it meant going back into debt, but we felt it was needed, and have a goal of paying it off in a year.)
  • Eat as much from the Garden as possible
  • Successfully grow potatoes
  • Put up as much food as possible
  • Lower grocery budget to as small as comfortably possible

  • Paint & Decorate Kitchen (this is a personal goal, since it's more of a desire than a need-to)
  • Spin all the fiber that I have right now
  • Finish the knits I have half-started and waiting
  • Redo current knitting patterns (change name & layout)
  • Design more/Write up current knitting designs
  • Watch the Creative Live classes I bought 
  • Cook through the Essential Pepin book
  • Make decent sourdough bread
  • Read through my 2015 book list (more on that later)
  • Simplify our schedule & routine (includes redoing and utilizing Household Management Binder and creating a work flow schedule for Bumblewood)
Did you guys see that first one? That one that says GET CHICKENS? YES! Ben approved getting chickens, and I am so excited!! I will finally have my own flock of chickens! Our goal for chickens is mostly egg laying, but also a source of meat as well. Not our only source, obviously, but we're trying it out here before we go to a bigger scale on our someday-farm. The rabbit was his idea, we're trying out one for meat as well.

I have a big desire to get back into gardening and putting up food this year. For a few reasons - it's cheaper, it's healthier, and I think it's good for my soul. Hopefully we will be able to grow a decent enough amount to lower our grocery bill, which has climbed a lot the last two years. Four hungry boys means lots of food. I will also be looking for other sources for bulk items, as well as revisiting the price list to get the best prices again.

This is the first time I've made such an extensive personal goals list. I figured this year I should just write down all the things I want to do so that I don't forget, and see how it goes. Since my goal is to Grow & Simplify, writing these down will allow me to schedule these activities throughout the year so that I can make time to accomplish them.

The other big one for the year is to read through my 2015 book list. I'm still adding books to it, but I have a ton of homesteading how-to & lifestyle books, some herbal medicine books, and a few others. I'm sure I'll add more as I find goodies at the library.

I think that's a pretty good list for now, and I'll probably be adding a few more as the year goes on and I think of things.

Do you have any goals or desires for the year? Do you pick a theme for the year?


Kessie said...

I'm still trying to figure out a theme for next year. So far all I've got is Do Not Fear. :-D

I'm so glad he approved chickens! He always swore he'd never have them, so he must love you very much. (Either that or he likes the idea of offing them once they get too annoying.)

Farm Girl said...

I like your list. I have a list but still am wondering at how far do I want to go with it. I am so excited to see that you are good and you are moving on. I think you are in a great place for 2015

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