July 5, 2012

Busy Bee

I made cheese! I made cheese!! Honest to goodness real cheese!!

I used this recipe for 30 minute mozzarella, and it was so easy! It turned out great, but just a little on the bland side. I wasn't sure how much would be enough salt. But it is still really tasty!

After that was done, I made Ricotta (using this recipe) from the leftover whey. The remaining whey will be saved and used for bread making and watering our acid-loving plants. (Who knew?!)

I've also made a batch of Apricot-Nectarine Jam (Monday), and batch of Strawberry Jam (today), I'm working on a new dress (which I'm not sure is going to turn out the way I hoped) and I made a little skirt yesterday. Sewing is so much faster than knitting!

I have been reading my back issues of Countryside, baking, making candy for the 4th, making ice cream, dreaming of future acreage, going to the zoo and farmer's market, planning my canning for this summer, signing up for kiddo swim lessons and picking goodies from our garden.

Life with less outside noise has been so wonderfully, wonderfully good.



Farm Girl said...

What a lovely picture of the baby. He does have the best smile and since that is all he does all day you get to see it a bunch. I don't think he ever cried one time yesterday.
Your cheese looks great. I have never made cheese and I had no idea about the Ricotta. Very cool.
You have been so creative. Not to mention a busy bee.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Congratulations!! Happy to hear they turned out so well. Of course they would.....you have the cutest little "helper" ever!! :)

MarmePurl said...

YAY YAY YAY...I've been dabbling with cheeses myself. Fun isn't it? And I did dump some whey on the blueberry plants as well.
Happy sewing. Here on the east coast it's just too hot to pick up the needles. Sewing sounds like a great idea.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I can't believe you made cheese. I just bought the buttermilk to make my own ricotta . Great minds think alike!!! The directions said it takes roughly 15 minutes to make. The mozzarella look just like the gourmet ones at the cheese store.

no spring chicken said...

Of course you did!! I've been missing you but am so excited to see how our little man is growing... :)

Blessings, Debbie

Jennifer said...

Glad to see life is so sweet and busy! I tried the cheese a few weeks ago and it was not shiny like they said it would be! Nuts. I would try again but since we are allergic it just seems pointless ;)

Lynn said...

Very impressive!! Cheesemaking sounds like a neat skill to have.

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