July 25, 2012


Powdery Mildew


Onions - drying out and almost ready



Artichokes - Round two


About a month ago I bought this book What's Wrong With My Vegetable Garden. It is a WONDERFUL book. It has helped so much in understanding how to grow our plants, what's going on with our plants and what our problems could be.

We have terrifically crap dirt out here, and while our soil needs just about everything added to it, at least we can figure out what each plant needs individually.

It goes through a bit of introduction and then it has a separate section for a number of different veggies explaining their growing season, needed nutrients, weather, water and light needed, any problems you might have and poly culture plants to plant with it. Then the last half of the book is all the different methods of organic pest and disease control and fixing.

The only downside to the book is now I see all the things that are wrong with my plants - my squash has powdery mildew, my grape and green beans seem to have leaf spot fungus/mosaic virus, my pumpkin looks like it has leaf spot fungus (I'm hoping it just needs some nutrients though) and I seem to have every pesty bug possible. I'm trying to avoid using the Spinosad I bought, even though it is organic, because it kills the good bugs too. And it won't help with the fungi.

But hey, my tomatoes don't have blossom rot anymore because I sprinkled them with crushed up tums (calcium ... it's all I had) and Epsom salt solution.

We're getting there. It's all a learning process and just one step on the road to where we want to be.



Farm Girl said...

Well I think it is great and you just keep learning and learning and you will be writing books for us to learn from you. :)
I can't wait to borrow that, hint, hint. :)

Lynn said...

Wow, Meg, that sounds like an amazing book. I'm sure our garden probably has all kinds of pests, fungus, etc. that we could remedy (or at least try ;) ). I agree, it is such a learning process. And every year there seem to be different issues. Your garden looks wonderful, though. I might have to get that book as a Christmas gift for my hubby ;)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

You are so right that it's nice to be able to learn about the plants and what is going on with them but at the same time it's depressing. :-) I have a bug book that I love because at least I can figure out which bugs to curse at and spray with the insecticide soap and which ones to thank and leave alone.

Kim said...

I bet by next summer you will be a master gardening with the help of that book. All I can grow is weeds :)
Meg, thank you so much for the sweet comment.
Hugs, Kim

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