September 11, 2012


I got a large order at the end of last month and the packages of yarn showed up at the end of last week. I LOVE getting yarn in the mail, and getting more than one package of yarn is even better. So much fun to open it and feel the softness against my skin.

One of the items is going to be made from a merino/cashmere blend and I have to tell you, the yarn is scrumptious.

The above picture is a cabled scarf design for this order that I'm working on, and will be putting the pattern out later when it's finished. 

This is a pair of Emilies for the order, in an orange angora/merino blend. I needed a break from the scarf for a bit, so I started these Sunday and got them finished last night. So excited for this order!

My 7 Colorwork Christmas Ornaments pattern is being used for a class at a lovely little yarn shop in Whitefish, MT called the Knit 'n Needle Yarn Shoppe. They are also making my pattern available on their shop site, which you can find at I'm so excited for this opportunity and Aimee and the other girls at the shop are just wonderful!

I've been posting all these knitting things over on the Little Bit of Knittery Facebook Page. I seem to be posting a bit more often over there about what I'm up to fiber-wise, so if you want to keep up, a "like" would be awesome!

Photo by Rachel Christine Wolf

 I am so exhausted I'm feeling a little delusional. Munchie absolutely refuses to sleep through the night (or at least that's my best guess), and in cases like last night... was up every hour. Ugh. My brain feels so fuzzy and I'm dragging.

I need to get some energy in me, but I hate turning to caffeine. Maybe if I'm lucky I can get a quick nap this afternoon. Ben and I started P90x yesterday, so I need some sort of energy to get through that tonight. I have 3 months til the company Christmas party to lose my baby fluff - and P90x takes 3 months to finish. We'll see if I make it, haha.

My abs are on fire,


Farm Girl said...

What a pretty baby, You look fantastic as you are, and what baby fluff may I ask??
Your knitting as always is just amazing.
I am sure he will be sleeping through the night before he turns five. :) Don't worry. :)Sorry, I know not encouraging. But when you look at that sweet adorable face, you know, he just likes his Mommy lots and wants to hang out. :)

Kessie said...

Blegh, Alex never slept at night, either. I just sat up and played lots and lots of World of Warcraft one-handed until I bored him to sleep.

But your knitting looks so pretty! I can just imagine how soft it feels. :-)

MarmePurl said...

4th babies just have too much catching up with the oolder siblings to sleep. I Know from Experience! Thats when I learned the power of the 20 minute afternoon nap for myself.
And...cashmere merino blend? Be still my heart.

Dawn said...

Hullo you! Looks as though you never stopped being busy:) Beautiful knittery work...looks so soft.
And if I lived closer I would sit up as long as you needed to sleep- with your little sweetie:)

Leigh said...

I just love Aran knitting. I think it's more fun than any other. The Fair Isle Christmas balls a really neat too. I'm sure they'll do well. Best of all is that sweet baby. What a heartbreaker that photo is.

myletterstoemily said...

i will be praying that your sweet angel will SLEEP
at night! you can do anything after a good night's
sleep. until, take a nap every opportunity.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

First let me say that baby is just the most beautiful little boy ever! Sorry to hear he's not sleeping.......I'm sure that's pretty tough on you. Next, HOORAY for the BEAUTIFUL knitting. I'm so excited!!! And those ornaments are just the cutest.....can't wait to take mine out for the year. :-) I hope you get sleep soon.

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