September 17, 2012

Random On Monday

Today seems like a good day to be random dontcha think?

Before, but cleaned out. Just picture a ton of crap in here all strewn about.

I've talked before of how, when Munchie is old enough, we'll be moving him into the bedroom with Duder, and the boys will be moving from that room into the now-office. And our office will be moving into our walk in closet. This required some form of cabinetry to accommodate Ben's computer and all our officey paraphernalia, as well as our clothes and normal closet things. 

It just so happens that my dad owns a cabinetry business, so a phone call, a visit,  a hand off of some plans I had come up with, and two days of installation got us this:

TADA! Isn't it purdy? I wish I could take better pictures to fully show the amazing organizing wonder that it has become, but it's hard to take good pics in such a small space.

It did close up the space quite a bit, but it is SO MUCH MORE storage space than we had before. The back wall is the desk where the computer will go, and on the right side where the cabinet sticks out is a dresser with shelves on top. The cubbies surround the room. I LOVE it. It's better than I had thought. Now we begin the slow process of moving everything around.

The downside, is we have realized just how much junk we have. A couple of trips to Goodwill are in order.

I feel kind of funny about posting this next part, because I wonder if it's egotistical and boastful, but I will share anyways because I think it's really, really cool.

The Foliage Mitts pattern has exploded! So much so that...

It made it the NUMBER 1 position of the Hot Right Now list on Ravelry.

Dudes. That's huge! It was number 9 last night, which I was totally stoked about, but it hit first position sometime early this morning and as of 12:45, it's still holding out.

This is a very big honor for me. I've always viewed that list as something that only the Really Awesome Designers get onto, so for me to not only be up there with those wonderful designers at all, but to make number one.... It makes me woozy!

The cabled scarf is about half way done. I think I might need to take a break and do the second pair of mitts in the order. I see white cables all over the place! Haha. I can't wait to get this pattern up though, I'm super excited about it.

We have now completed a full week of P90X and hey! I survived. All last week my legs were sore, and today my arms and shoulders were sore and really, I just want to forgo the workout tonight and eat ice cream... But I keep reminding myself "Company Christmas party. Bridesmaid in March..." I can do this. I hope. It is good Ben is doing it, he keeps me going and won't let me quit.

Time to fold laundry!

Happy Monday!


Farm Girl said...

Pretty good Megan, That is so awesome!!! Not to mention your new office looks awesome too. We had to live in the closet for years, it is so nice when you finally get to come out. :)
I am so proud of you!!!

Kessie said...

Holy cow! That's awesome about your pattern!!! Congratulations!!

Also, your closet looks wonderful! It'll be a great little office. Ben might have to come out of the closet to play his guitar, though. How are the acoustics?

Kim said...

Meg, way to go with the pattern. Fabulous and well deserved.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You know what that means?????? That you're a really awesome designer! :-) That is just fantastic. Too funny about the closet - it looks great! How handy to have a father who owns a cabinetry business. Good luck with the P90X......good thing we don't live close because I'd have to hand deliver homemade ice cream to celebrate. :-)

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