November 9, 2012

Catch Up

I wish the weather was like this (from last year), but we did get some sprinkles last night.

This started out as a Woe Is Me post about how I'm behind in everything and I feel like I'm losing it but... Well I started annoying myself with the self pity, so let's change tracks!

Thank you to everyone who had such sweet comments about our Halloween picture. They have been wearing those costumers nearly every day since that night. Pirates at heart, apparently. It's all pirates, all the time.

I am indeed behind (or feel like I'm behind) in lots of things, but I'm slowly catching up. Blogging being one of those things, and knitting another.

I would love to show you the knitting of the large order I just finished but... I forgot to take pictures. *Gasp* So sorry! Just know they turned out nicely. ;)

I had to replant a ton of stuff that either wasn't coming up, or got munched by snails. I fear I'm a little too late in the season for planting stuff, but we'll see. This year has kind of been an experiment anyways. I am saving toilet paper and paper towel tubes for starting seeds in the spring.

I'm a little frustrated with the position of our garden. Two years of growing with not great results and I think part of the problem might be that the whole thing is in a corner that doesn't get as much sun as it probably needs. But I can't convince Ben to let me move it to the middle of the lawn, hehe.

I'm not sure if I've told you this already, but we might (possibly, maybe) be getting rabbits in the spring. Ben doesn't want chickens here, but he says we could probably do rabbits - well a single rabbit. We want something for soil building/compost and while chickens would be ideal (to me, for eggs as well as manure) rabbits will get the job done and on the up side, their pellets don't need to "cook" like chicken manure does.  I am bound and determined to get a decent garden going, one way or another.

We had our first sit-by fire of the year last night. We just light it in the smoker's burn box and leave the door open to enjoy. It was so nice and I'm so excited for this year's fires to come. One of my favorite things is sitting out there with Ben, no TV, no computers, no nothing.

I am greatly enjoy Folks, This Ain't Normal!  His sense of humor is wonderful, his arguments and points are well thought out and thought provoking, and his view of life and how things should work and be just make perfect sense. I'm only about half way through the book, but I would already recommend it.

The season of baking is upon us! I want to bake absolutely everything, how about you?

Happy Friday my dears!


Kessie said...

I'm glad you managed to do a happy post despite everything that's been going on. I've been baking so much that everybody's been tired of sweets! I made a whole pan of cream cheese-pumpkin bars and had to freeze them because nobody wanted them. Then we ate them out of the freezer like ice cream.

Also, a rabbit would be fun! It'd be nice to have a pet that doesn't mess up the house. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Oh I am so sorry it has been a hard week.It has though. When you write everything sounds nice. I wish I could just come pick you up and take you to Beverly's today. But then who would watch the Pirates? :)
I have put off running errands and today it the day. I am glad you are going to get a bunny. That sounds nice. You should get one of those that you can spin while it sits in your lap. I watched a lady to that, it amazed me.
Well I hope we get a storm, have a nice weekend.

Kim said...

Be careful Meg. It starts with just 1 rabbit but then it will need a friend and then it will be a bunny farm.

no spring chicken said...

I just have to say I hadn't seen the halloween costume post but you all absolutely win the cutest family award!! Well, I'll just have to assume that Ben is cute too since I never see him. Hmmm.. maybe he's not cute and that's why you never post him... no, you married him, he's gotta be really cute! :)

Don't let yourself get down. Pop your nose in the best Book and I'm sure He'll tell you just what you need to know and just what you need to do. Sometimes we 'think' we know and it becomes burden. His yoke is light and we need to be reminded sometimes. Kiss all those cute boys (Ben too ;) and have a lovely day..

Blessings, Debbie

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

What???? No chickens????? Say it isn't so!!! :) Kidding, of course. Rabbits would be a great source of fertilizer - hope it works out. I'm tossing around the idea myself. I hope you feel as though you're getting caught up soon - I know it makes me feel better when I think I've got a grasp on everything, but then again, it is the holiday season, so how can you get caught up??? Happy Monday!

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