November 19, 2012

The Big Move

Motherhood is a funny thing.

At the same time I am so terribly proud of my boys and how big they are getting, it hurts my heart that they aren't my "little" guys anymore - even the baby is a big boy now.

This weekend we bit the bullet and moved everyone around. We bought the twins new bedroom furniture and what used to be our office is now their room. Our office is now in our master closet.

In addition to that, Munchie moved out of the bassinet in our room to a crib in Duder's room.

Those first few nights of the baby moving out are the hardest for me. I can't hear his little breathing anymore, can't reach over and feel him. I was up a lot running in the other room to check on him. Ben keeps saying I'll get more sleep because now I won't hear him fussing.

Well, I still heard him fussing and I kept wanting to go get him, but I tried to be a big girl a let him fall back asleep. He would, and I was only up with him twice last night, but was awake anytime he made a peep. I think he will get used to it fairly quickly though. It's time he learned to be on his own a bit.

I think the person who took it the hardest was Duder. On Sunday morning when we were getting ready to leave for the furniture store
we were telling the boys what we were going to do and reminding them that they were getting their own room, while Munchie was moving in with Duder... And it nearly crushed Duder's heart. He's been one of the boys for so long he's practically a triplet. He was very upset, crying and telling me over and over that he didn't want to sleep with Munchie, he wanted to sleep with his bubbas and he didn't want them to move.

Soothing words and telling him he would have fun with Munchie, and by the time we got back with the furniture he was starting to feel better. Once everything was set up and moved and he realized he could play on the bunk beds with his bubbas, and seeing Munchie move in with him seemed to make it all better. It even made him step into his Big Brother pants, as he would say, when he heard Munch crying after I put him down, "Me can be with Munchie and make him not scared."

When I came in at 2 to check on the baby, Brett had moved his pillow and blanket to the floor next to the crib, to keep the baby company. It is so sweet to see that he has such a compassionate and caring heart, especially after days where he has been tearing up everything in sight and being a turd.

 The boys are having a ball with their new beds. They spend all their time in there now, climbing up and down and around. In fact, in the middle of school this morning Ty asked if he could go play on his bunk bed yet. They were very excited to sleep in their "new room" last night, and this morning they were both telling me how they had fun last night.

And with this we move into the next phase of our life.

It's kind of weird.

Happy Monday,


Farm Girl said...

Good but hard and sad. Reading what Duder said almost broke my heart. What a sweet boy. E. was that way with P. Look how close they are now. So was your hubby and W. When they got their bunk bed.
So sweet. The bedroom looks great. Yep, growing up we all havta do it.
Now you and Ben have to go back in the closet.
Yes, motherhood is hard. I know how hard it is to sleep with out the sound of baby breathing.
Such a lovely post.

myletterstoemily said...

you brought the great 'bed move'
all back to me. it was such a big
deal for the moment, and then i
completely forgot about it.

your boys look adorable.

do you love that NOW everybody
is all about zombies, but you;re
the only one who can make them

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Wow.....HUGE changes. :) I was tearing up just reading it, knowing how hard it is to see them become "big boys". You have great kids, which says a lot about you and Ben. That's so sweet how compassionate Duder is. Happy Monday!

MarmePurl said...

Oh the memories! Pretty much the same story when we moved my oldest two boys together to make space to move baby boy out of the basenette next to me and into a crib. Those boys are now 31, 24 and 20.
The 20 year old is home from college this week. Last night I went into his room in the wee hours just to check on him. I don't think the habit will ever leave me! A mom will always listen for, and be consoled at the sound of her children's breath...

no spring chicken said...

I know that they seem big.. they look so little to me! Thanks for sharing such a sweet story. Hillary used to call her brother bubbie (we called him bubba when referring to him with her), she still often calls him bub. I love it! I also so enjoyed the tender moment of a second set of best friends in the making. I'm sighing. You are on such an amazing journey.. the best! Enjoy every moment. I hate to tell you that they can still be 'turds' at 25, but it's generally just to get you to make 'that face' again. See, they love the memories too!

Blessings, Debbie

Leigh said...

Aw, big changes for everyone. Treasure them all in your heart 'cuz they go by quickly.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

That first night is always the worse. The boys are adorable and look like they are filled with tons of energy. Just the way they are suppose to be.

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