March 13, 2013


Already 6.

I'm pretty sure someone is messing with the speed dial on this whole time thing.

Six years ago at this time I was so, so sick* and we were about 12 hours away from an emergency C-section that brought our kiddos into this world three months before they were due. That was an absolutely terrifying day, and the three months that followed were equally as hard and scary.

Today, they bounce off the walls, are always jabbering, and are growing out of their shoes. Thank God for His miracles.

I have really enjoyed seeing the different ages. (Except three. I hate three.) Five has been very interesting as their brains open up to the world around them and their imaginations turn on.

I'm excited to see what 6 brings us, as they are trying more and more to become little men and do things on their own. Every day is an experiment in independence. This should be a very fun year.

Happy Wednesday!

*For those of you who watch Downton Abbey and saw Sybil die of eclampsia - that is exactly what was happening to me. As the doctor on the show is explaining that the only way to save her would have been an emergency C-Section, that is still true to this day and is the only thing that saved the lives of me and our boys. I am so thankful for my stumbling onto the symptoms way ahead of time so that I could see them in myself, and very thankful as well for my doctor who listened to me and took very good care of me. Unfortunately, although this disease has been around for a long time, we still don't know exactly what causes it and it takes the lives of many women and babies every year. If you'd like to learn more about the disease, you can do so here:


MarmePurl said...

Happy Birthday Boys!

Rachel said...

Yay!! Tell them happy birthday for me!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday. It is true, the years go by faster and faster. (Wait until you are in your 40's.....zoom)

Farm Girl said...

It is a great day. I am so thankful to be here today. I love all of these pictures. I do think that dial is being turned way up now.
Have a very happy day.

myletterstoemily said...

i'm thankful you are well and your boys are thriving.
thank the Lord for doctors and c-sections.

Kessie said...

Mine just turned 6, too, and he's so big! All the boys are the same size now, and so big and healthy. God is so good.

no spring chicken said...

Miracles. I love that God still performs them and I wish that more people would know them for what they are. Your miracles are beautiful! I don't know how you even watched that episode. I had no knowledge of eclampsia and I couldn't keep my eyes on the screen (had to plug my ears too). It was quite upsetting. Poor Meg. :( Praises for a happy ending! :) And LOVE the leaf masks!!

Blessings, Debbie

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Wow - it is a very good thing you had read about it. I bet it was a very scary time.

I can't believe how big they are and so handsome too. :)

Happy Belated Birthday boys!!

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