March 1, 2013

Handwork & This Week's Round Up

I always hate the day after a birthday, no matter whose birthday it was. After all the hype and excitement of the day before, the day after just seems so... boring. Haha.

We don't do much for the first birthday - I know that sounds terrible - since we (or I should probably clarify, I) figure they won't remember it much and yes I know birthdays at that age are more about mama than they are baby, but I just like spending time with my kids and having them around every day, not just on their birthdays. So I make a big deal for the one's who understand, and the babies just get snuggled as much as they usually do... maybe a little more. ;)

 The kids did spend all day telling him "Happy Birthday Munchie!", Auntie Rachel brought him Ritz crackers for his present (she knows him pretty well),  and we had a nice big dinner that included mashed potatoes, which are currently Munchie's favorite food. I thought about making him wear a birthday hat, but figured he wouldn't keep it on for very long.

We've been doing a little "Home Ec" this week...

 The big boys learned how to make their own eggs on Monday, and excitedly continued to do so on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Aside from smashing the eggs a little too much, they can do it all by themselves with nothing but supervision and a little coaxing which makes me both extremely proud and a little sad at the same time...

And now it is Friday!

I am sitting here with a lovely iced coffee, I just pulled chocolate chip muffins out of the oven, and now it's time to show you what I've been working on.

For any of you who follow the Little Homestead facebook page, I posted this picture the other day with the intention of using it in starting an embroidery project.

Well I did! And here's how it's going.

I just love violas. They make me so happy! Ben says it's funny that I like the tiny little ones that nobody else likes - since apparently everyone likes the larger pansies - but I just love tiny little flowers. I think because they make me think of fairies and the tiny unseen world of what could be.

I just pulled the picture up on my computer, laid the fabric over the screen, and traced with a fabric pen. I really like the first set I got done. It's so cute and fun.

Yesterday I finished potting up my strawberry plants. I have 2 whole 1020 flats full of pots- 36 plants! I also potted up some more peppers. Today I will finish the rest of the peppers and the few herbs, probably start marigolds (and maybe some other stuff, even though I don't have room, because I'm addicted), and try to get outside to do some weeding and bed prepping.

I also need make bread today for the weekend. Busy busy!

What's going on at your place?
Happy Friday!


Farm Girl said...

It sounds very nice and I like your embroidery project. It is very nice. I think this weekend will be busy too. I did tell Ron that since tomorrow is going to be warm so I can open the house I am dyeing wool. He was totally okay with that as he has 5 more trees to graft.
I am going to try and sew a bit today if my hands will work. I am so glad it is a pretty day. I am so glad that Munchie had a nice birthday. I thought about him and you guys all day. :)

Kessie said...

I'm so impressed with them learning to cook eggs! That's a good idea, since A. wants to learn to cook so bad. He wants to make cakes.

I love your embroidered pansies!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

You have the cutest kids EVER! They are so sweet and I can't believe both Mr. Munchie turning one AND the older brothers cooking eggs. My goodness. I just love the photo of the violas and you are one talented woman turning it into an embroidery project (although we already knew you were talented). Sounds like your garden is coming along well.
The week has just flown by so I'm hoping to get caught up on things around the house. Cooking and baking is always on the list. :) You writing about bread reminded me to add bread making to the list! Have a wonderful weekend.

MarmePurl said...

Happy Birthday little guy!
I have been interested in embroidery too lately. I will enjoy seeing your progress on this lovely piece.

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