February 28, 2013


Happy Birthday my littlest one!

On this day one year ago you came into our family and hit the ground running. You've been a blessing and a joy to us since before you were born.

I can not believe you are already one year old. I just had you yesterday. I clearly remember bringing you home from the hospital. But then, your bubbas are nearly 6 and they are still babies to me as well.

I'm so proud of you already! You are so smart, and I love how you have decided that you are "one of the guys" and won't let things like lack of walking keep you from doing what your bubbas do. I love to watch you figure things out, my favorite being "put it in the bucket and take it out". I love to watch the little wheels in your head turn. I love your goofy little grin you get when you are so stinkin' proud of yourself. And I love the way you light up and snuggle on my shoulder when I scoop you off the floor.

I love you more than you can possibly ever know. You've come so far already, and I am excited to see the little boy, the young boy and the man you will eventually become.

But... try not to grow up too fast.

Love you always and forever,
Your mama


Farm Girl said...

Happy Birthday to Munchie!!! I love that picture of him on the back of the chair, well I love them all, and what is that??? standing there looking out the door? He is a sweetie pie and I am so glad that he came to us one year ago. We are so blessed with all of the lambs God has put in our little flock. Happy Birthday to you too Mama. :)

Kessie said...

Look at him, he's so cute! I wondered when his birthday was--I knew it had to be soon. He starts out the whirlwind of munchkin birthdays. :-) Will he get a cupcake?

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