February 4, 2013

Garden Journal 1/14 - 2/4

Today's weather: bitterly cold and clear. 45 degrees.

Picked up seed start potting mix and started: broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, Anaheim, jalapeno, habanero and bell peppers, and Roma tomatoes.

Today's weather: a bit warmer and nicely cloudy.

All of the cole crops have sprouted and today I noticed the tomatoes have sprouted as well. Still waiting on the peppers. Need to start other seeds. Spinach in garden never sprouted... again.

Started spinach in a cut up milk jug! Seeing if starting it inside makes any difference. A walk around the garden showed the cherry tree and blueberries have buds on them!

Today's weather: sunny! And warmer!

Started strawberries and herbs. Cut the top off a coffee can to start lettuce in.

Today's weather: sunny and warmer, with a bit of clouds this afternoon.

Ripped out the wisteria from the pergola this afternoon. Next comes digging out the stumps and moving the grapes from the garden to the wisteria's spot. Noticed the boysenberries have buds on them. The kids are finding ladybugs all over the place.

Today's weather: sunny, mid-50s, smells like spring outside!

The milk jug spinach has sprouted! We'll see how far it gets.

Today's weather: sunny! And warm! Sweet, glorious outdoors. Fresh air! It smells wonderful outside.

Reading a book called "Weedless Gardening". Very interesting, hoping to try it out this year.

Weeded the blueberries and mulched them with sawdust from dad's shop. Read that they like sawdust due to it's acidity. Who knew?

Also weeded the back corner by shed and mulched with leftover compost from spring to ready it for green beans.

Having a hard time figuring out where to put everything I want to grow...

Today's weather: warm, but really hazy and not very spring like at all.

Today was birthday garden shopping! Bought things for staking, and trellising, and planting, and potting, and fertilizing... and a pitchfork! Picked up more grow lights. And new boots, which make me a real farm girl now, right? I love them.

Ran a ph and nitrogen test on the north raised bed. Completely deficient in nitrogen, but the ph is in the mid range. Nitrogen test on the compost from green waste shows very high nitrogen. Will be getting more for mulching.

Peppers have sprouted. Started potting up tomatoes. 

Today's weather: foggy at first, and then sunny for the afternoon.

Weeded the back corner raised bed and put a board at the halfway point to mark the compost pile. Got to play with my pitchfork!

Today's weather: still hazy, but very warm! Thought about putting on shorts, and opened up both sliding doors for fresh air.

Got the area around the lime tree weeded, fertilized (Miracle Grow Organic fertilizer) and planted with first batch of lettuce. Will plant next batch in two weeks for continual harvest. Fertilized back corner bed and planted beets. Hoping they do well even with lack of direct sun package calls for. Planted more radishes. Pruned the grapes to ready for move to pergola. Started Ancho/Poblano chili seeds.

Noticed the two spinach seeds in garden finally sprouted.

Potted up more tomatoes.

Happy gardening!


Allison said...

We're under snow and minus temps ... no gardening yet for me.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

No gardening for me either. We are expecting a foot or more of snow this Friday through Saturday. You are lucky you can start so early. You'll be eating the best and freshest veggies!

myletterstoemily said...

this will be the most charming little book
someday for your great grandchildren
who will need to know how to garden!

you are doing SO well, but i would love
to see a zombie here and there.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

How exciting that it's planting season for you! May is when ours begins. :( Feels like forever away. I hope you have a great year for veggies and fruit!!

no spring chicken said...

Look at that green grass!! I'm looking out my window at the frost on the neighboring rooftops beyond our YELLOW grass.. sigh.

Blessings to you Meg, Debbie

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