May 16, 2013

Garden & Wedding

My sister (in-law, but just as close as my blood sister) is getting married this Saturday.

That's three days.

I'm in the wedding.

I've also been dubbed the official coordinator.

My kitchen table has been covered with my computer, clip board, and lists upon lists for the past week. We have a very busy three days ahead of us, starting with making centerpieces and flower arrangements tonight. That is why you get nothing buy glaring, unedited pictures of my garden.

On top of all that summer is creeping upon us and the gardens are producing and I have so much to do here at home. And not enough time. All of my delicate greens are starting to bolt, and I will have to just sadly let them go as I don't have time to mess with them. The cilantro I will just say was intentional, with the idea that I will get coriander. ;)

I spent two hours on Tuesday picking berries. 10.5 pounds of berries for that day alone. There are more ready today.

Here is my berry trellis. I wanted you to understand the full, behemoth madness that we planted. This trellis is eight feet long and over 6 feet tall. This year after the harvest it is getting hacked back to just a few canes.


I need to make jam. I am just putting the berries in the freezer until next week when I can get to them.

I just finished cooking beet greens that were on their way out.

My grandmother gave me a gigantic bag of basil last night, so I need to make pesto today.

I can feel the panic of too many things and not enough time creeping in, but I am working hard to keep it at bay.

 My hair is up.

My apron is on.

Let's go!



Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Holy cow....those bushes of berries!!! Your garden is beautiful - edited or unedited. :) Have a great time at the wedding and congrats to your SIL!!

Farm Girl said...

Gosh your berries are incredible. Mine don't look like that at all.
I know, I hardly know which end is up right now.
See ya later. :)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Meg, wow so much to do. I have a feeling you will get it all done and then some.

Meghana Nanda said...

all ur pics seem cute ....those raspberries and bluberries have already started to water my mouth......

no spring chicken said...

I needed to see pictures of your garden today. My poor thing is tilled and naked. I wouldn't dare put anything in quite yet. We had fabulous weather that teased us for over a week but we are back to nights that threaten to freeze. The behemoth is just beautiful but I do understand the danger of leaving him unchecked. :)

My hair is up, my apron is on and I'm ready for the day too. Tomorrow we host close to 50 people at my mother's home for Hillary's baby shower. We are makin' and bakin' here...

Blessings, Debbie

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Oh my gosh, that berry trellis! Incredible. Your garden is just bursting right now! For me cilantro bolts way too fast and I hardly ever get any off before it starts to flower. Ugh!

Best of luck with the wedding! I know it can be a stressful time, especially if you are coordinating it all.

angel gonzales said...

Your garden is impressive. I can tell that you did a lot of labor of love for that garden to be beautiful. I wonder how the wedding turned out but i'm totally sure it was beautiful and your sister loved everything you did.


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