May 20, 2013

In Search Of Peace

This is how I feel.

Warning: I'm feeling whiny today.

Would you like to hear about my weekend?

On Thursday we spent the afternoon at my in-law's house to start setting up for the wedding (it was in their front yard). Munchie didn't get a nap. Bad mojo.

On Friday morning I was updating our check register and doing online banking when I found a charge for $353 dollars that I didn't recognize. A call to Ben said he didn't know what it was either. A call to the number on the charge told me it was for a skateboard (that I certainly didn't order) and I found out that yay, someone had stolen my bank card number. Woo.

A call to the bank got the card blocked and out-of-service so that left us with the few hundred dollars in my account that I used for my business, and the little bit of cash we had in the house. Ok, not a super big deal, we didnt' have big spending plans for the weekend. Just needed diapers really and we got that with cash. The bank told me that since the skateboard company was refunding the money, all we have to do is come get new cards (rather than file a dispute over the charges and go through some big fight before we can get new cards.)

Friday night, more setting up, the rehearsal and dinner, and Super Angry Munchie of Doom who had yet again, not had a nap. Super Bad Mojo.

On Saturday morning our toilet broke. Thank goodness we have two bathrooms.

On Saturday evening we pulled off a beautiful, wonderful, sweet, flawless wedding. It was amazing and it was so sweet (and a little sad, in a good way) to see my sis-in-law take the next step and get married. She was a beautiful bride, and if I get a hold of pictures and permission, I will share them later.

On Sunday morning I thought maybe I would feel better now that it was over. I've been crazy stressed out the last week (I know, kind of silly since I wasn't getting married, but I think we've all been a little edgy trying to get it all done). Sadly, I woke up Sunday morning not really feeling better, but worse. Maybe I am just trying to come down from it all.

We were talking about how our car needs gas, and Ben was stressing about it a bit (remember, our bank card is blocked) and I said it's ok, I have a little bit in my knitting account that we can use.

I decided to access my account online to see just how much I have in there...




All but $19 left in my savings account. Wiped. Completely.

I just started to cry.

(I'm pretty sure it happened because of this, since it is the only place that I have used both of my cards. I am extremely ticked off.)

It was a whole bunch of charges to Experian and Transunion (the credit unions)...

A call to Experian yesterday resulted in them very nicely refunding me all the charges (and I found out that whoever this (pardon me) douche bag is thankfully doesn't have my social. They were all for a different name, just using my card to pay for it.)

A call to Transunion this morning left me with nothing but them saying that they are sending me an investigation questionnaire in 7-10 business days and they won't refund me anything until they get that back and go through it. Thanks.

I didn't sleep for crap last night. I feel like a bundle of nerves and stress and I'm on the edge of breaking.

So this afternoon we get to go down to the bank and get new cards for our main account. But I won't be able to get a new card for my business account until those charges are refunded. Oh and a new float thing for the toilet.

I want to crawl in a hole and hide.


I feel like I have no peace. I have been so busy for 2 months, doing something nearly every weekend, and our schedule isn't going to let up until at least the end of June, and now this stupid crap on top of it all....

And guess what? Today is our 7th anniversary! Not the way I wanted to be spending it... At least I get to go to dinner with Ben for a bit (after the bank and getting toilet parts) and try to forget about all of this for awhile.

I hope this week gets easier.

If not, I'm going to run away.


Our Neck of the Woods said...

Oh gosh, Meg, I'm so sorry! That sounds incredibly stressful and frustrating. I'm glad the wedding went well, but all the other stuff that happened must have been so hard. I hope your accounts get all worked out soon! Hang in there! :)

Amanda said...

So sorry to hear this happened to you! I had thousands cleaned out of my accounts a few years back. It was such a mess to clean up! All my savings (and security) gone in an instant. I am sure you will make it through and get everything worked out soon.

April S. said...

I feel for you so much! I have been there - not with the bank card but our house was broken into. It does get better. Just take a deep breath and remember that you have what is most important and there are others who don't. I had that kind of day last week too - the horse got out, my son was sick, I had a bad day at work, the mosquitoes were swarming, the stain hubby was using at the new house wasn't working, I had poison ivy on my face and was on round #2 of steroids for it. My momma gave me a big hug and said I'd love to tell you that you won't have another day like this but you will. Then she handed me a tissue and said now take a deep breath and go talk to your husband because he's really worried - or go cry in your truck by yourself for a few minutes whichever you need. When I came back she had started a load of laundry, was washing dishes in the sink, had given my son a bath and tucked him in for cartoons, my daughter was in the shower and life resumed. ((big hugs!!))

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Oh Meg, it's all just awful. I'm so sorry. I had my debit card number stolen a couple of months back and it just plain stinks. And poor Munchie with his own Munchie drama. :) It all seems to happen at once, doesn't it? Happy the wedding went well and hope you're feeling well soon and that all this junk gets cleared up. Hugs to you and Happy Anniversary to you and Ben!!

MarmePurl said...

Happy 7 Years. Happy life on a wonderful little homestead...broken toilet and all....happy motherhood and 4 beautiful little boys.
The rest is just stuff.
I hope getting all these awful troubles out in writing helped ease your mind a bit. take care Meg!

SunnyBunny said...

{HUGS!!!!!} <3 <3 <3

I'm so sounds like you have good reason to feel down-anyone would feel the same had they endured all you (and your family) have just in one weekend. :(

Praying you have a sweet time with your husband tonight and that you gain at least a little moment of peace... <3

Farm Girl said...

Why in the world didn't you tell us???? Oh my gosh, Megan, you guys didn't breathe a word of it. You have to tell me where you used it. It wasn't local was it?
I am sooo sorry, can I do anything?
I hope it gets fixed soon.

Anita said...

Yep, you've described a crawl back into bed day and let the kids run wild. I am so sorry this has happened to you. It's really scary to see your money gone. Thankfully, the banks will take care of it, but that doesn't wipe out the stress that went with it.

Hang in there. What't that song in "Annie?" The sun will come out tomorrow...

TessaDiane said...

I would feel so violated. I'm sorry that happened.

I was looking at the Recipes page to find your recipe for bread. (I just haven't found one I'm happy with) and can't get some of the links to work. Wondering if it has something to do with when you switched names?

Woman Seeking Center said...

Hey Meg....

Not that it helps much when you feel as tho you're drowning and life throws you an anchor! (lol) But at some point things will stop going horribly wrong. Not forever, but long enough to catch your breath, take stock of everything good that remains, and smile.

I'd love to tell you there's some point, or place or series of steps to take that rein life in. A way to make times like you've described avoidable - but that'd be a lie....

What I can say for sure (as others have elegantly and eloquently mentioned already) is that sooner or later it gets better, or at lease 'seems' better. Either/both work :-)

Till then, take it as easy on yourself as you can - that's not a bad thing (tho we women have a hard time embracing the practice of cutting ourselves slack at overwhelming times).


Kessie said...

Goodness! You've been through the mill! I hope they can get it all sorted. At least they didn't get your social, right?

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a mess. What is wrong with people. Would you ever consider stealing someones banking card number and leaving them stranded. Isn't it hard to imagine someone doing something so criminal. I'm so sorry that this has happened to you Meg.

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