July 24, 2013

Homemade Living: Week 1

Welcome to Week One of the Homemade Living Series!

First, a little explanation of this new endeavor! Staci has invited five of us ladies to participate in this new series with her all about Homemade Living. Once a week, half of us will be posting anything that has to do with that idea - craft how to's, recipes, what's going on at our homesteads, etc. On our off weeks, we'll be linking to the other half of the ladies, so you won't have to miss a thing! Make sure you follow along with every to see what they are sharing.

Staci @ Life At Cobble Hill Farm
Tammy @ Our Neck Of The Woods
Daisy @ My Maple Hill Farm
Amber @ Making A Home
Mary @ Home Grown On The Hill

Now, as I sit here with a cup of green ginger tea, and I try to rescue what's left of my sanity after a day of crazed boys and a wild puppy.... Let's get on with the show!

This week I wanted to share a recipe for Zucchini Pickles. Since I'm sure everyone is probably drowning in zucchini by now! (Oddly enough, I'm not. I planted two zucchini plants this year and have hardly gotten anything. In fact my entire garden has hardly given me anything. I'm a little miffed. But I digress...)

These pickles are really good! They taste exactly like a Bread & Butter cucumber pickles, but are not quite as crisp. I've enjoyed them on buttered saltines for a snack, or with a bit of cheddar cheese.

Zucchini Pickles - makes about six pints
14 C zucchini, sliced at about 1/4 inch
1/2 C pickling salt
Cool water
6 C white vinegar
4 C granulated sugar
4 tsp mustard seed
2 tsp celery seeds
2 tsp ground turmeric

In a very large stainless steel or glass bowl layer the zucchini with pickling salt. Cover with cool water and let stand at room temperature for 2 hours. Transfer to a colander and drain, then rinse and drain again thoroughly.

In a large stainless steel or enameled pot, combine the vinegar, sugar, mustard seed, celery seed and turmeric. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring to dissolve sugar. Reduce heat and boil gently for 5 minutes. Stir in the zucchini, remove from heat and let stand for 1 hour.

Meanwhile, prepare the jars and canner - Wash jars, lids and rings with hot soapy water. Place the lids in a saucepan, cover with water and bring to a simmer. Place jars in the canner, add enough water to cover by at least one inch and bring to a simmer. Keep jars hot until read to fill.

After the hour is up, bring the pot of zucchini to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat and boil gently for 5 minutes until heated through.

Pack zucchini into hot jars to within a generous 1/2 inch headspace. Ladle hot pickling liquid into jars to cover vegetables, leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Remove air bubbles and add more liquid if necessary to keep 1/2 inch headspace. Place lids and rings on jars.

Process in water bath for 10 minutes. 

Staci and Amber are also posting this week! Be sure to visit them!

Staci @ Life At Cobble Hill Farm
Amber @ Making A Home

 Happy Eating!
~ Meg


Farm Girl said...

Does Ben eat them? I am curious. I know you guys aren't wild about peaches but I am peeling and freezing peaches today if you want some let me know. I was so excited about your new series. I couldn't wait to see what you were making. Your pickles look fantastic.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

You really crack me up. I can only imagine the green tea may provide a wee bit of sanity in a hectic and crazy day!! The zucchini pickles look and sound scrumptious! And what do you mean hardly any zucchini??? How can that be? Maybe right at the end you'll get hit with a ton! I've only ever made freezer zucchini pickles so I'm very excited to try this recipe!!

Kessie said...

Wow, those look like a zucchini dish I might eat! Have you tried making lacto fermented pickles? I made some peppers that way and they're DELICIOUS. Taste just like regular pickled peppers, with a tenth of the work! I eat them on everything.

Amber said...

I've made zucchini pickles before but I made mine dill. And you're right. It's an awesome way to use up zucchini. It's a bummer that your zucchini isn't doing the greatest. We've had strange years like that too. This year seems to be a pretty good year. I've mostly just been making it grilled and serving it with our meals. Nothing too exciting, but still really yummy!

born ambitious. born imaginative. said...

Those look divine!

daisy said...

What a great idea for using up the tons of zucchini usually growing in the garden.

Keep that stash of green tea fully stocked! ;0)

Home and Garden said...

your zuchini pickles look wonderful. thanks for sharing the recipe!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

I have never tried pickling zucchini but what a great way to use it up! We didn't plant any this year, but our neighbors usually have lots extra to give away. Seems like zucchini plants usually go crazy and produce so much!

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