July 8, 2013


From last year's trip. This isn't where we were, but it's what we were doing!

We just returned from four days at the lake with my sister and her lovely in-laws.

And I didn't take a single picture! I have realized that I really just like being in the moment and enjoying it, rather than trying to remember to snap pictures or spend all my time behind the camera.

It was a lovely, wonderful weekend. They are some of the sweetest, loveliest, wonderful, warm people I know and they were so gracious to have us with them and play with our kiddos. My sister's mom-in-law would take all the boys on a walk down to the lake and let
them play for awhile so that I could just sit and talk with my sister and have some quiet time. It was so sweet of her, and I am so grateful.

And boy can they cook. We ate so well while we were there. We grabbed a pizza on Thursday on the way to the beach to watch fireworks, but on Saturday we had homemade deep pit beef and all the fixin's, and on Saturday we had a fish fry with the fish that the men had spent the previous three days fishing for. It was delicious! And Sunday we had a giant breakfast before we left. It was so, so good and I think we all gained weight lol.

On Friday we took all the kids out on the boat and they got to try their hand at fishing. It was so much fun to watch them get excited about fishing. They each got to reel one in, if they didn't actually catch one themselves and I think they really enjoyed it. And on Saturday we hit up the farmer's market in a near by town and then went window shopping. We found an antique store and got a tiny little cast iron skillet big enough for an egg or two, which I'm very excited for. I love cast iron. 

We are all very pink, Ben's legs are as red as a lobster, and we're all a little tired still, but it was such a great trip and I'm really sad we're home. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was beautiful (we even had turkeys and deer come into camp!), and the company was wonderful. I want to go back!

I still haven't gotten over my anti-electronics feeling so I might be MIA again for awhile still. My head has been very happy being away from technology. :)

Happy Monday!


Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Well you've been missed but happy you all had such a wonderful time! Sounds blissfully relaxing. :)

Farm Girl said...

So glad but I totally understand you wanting to continue your break. It is summer after all.

Kessie said...

What a wonderful trip! I think every little boy should have a chance to go fishing. And getting to eat the fish, too! I'll bet it was delicious! Any problems with ticks?

daisy said...

Sounds like a great time! Glad you had special family time.

Amber said...

Sounds fun! Your campsite looks cozy!

Kim said...

It sounds great. I'm glad you were with your sister and family. Taking 4 busy boys camping alone would have been exhausting!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

That sounds so fun! Sometimes it is great to get away from technology for a bit and just reconnect with family and nature :)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

You can't beat a great get away with family and lovely people. I can remember my own kids when they were little and fishing on the river across the rode from my house. My husband spent the whole time baiting hooks and untangling lines.

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