October 15, 2013

Downtime..? Ha! So Here's a Quicky Update

I've been trying to write this for two days, but my time at the computer is few and far between these days. And when I do have it it's usually filled with business activities. But I'm scratching out these few minutes (I should be soaping! ) because I miss you guys!

My beautiful sister behind our display!

The Bumblewood launch at the CBC Craft Show this past Saturday was a great success!! I got to share the booth with my beautiful sister, who displayed her photography and booked shoots. I sold about a quarter of my inventory, which is so much greater than I could have expected!! I met so many new and lovely people, and I had so much fun I'm still coming down off the high. :D It was excellent!

The Bumblewood Etsy shop also went live this weekend! There you will find all of our current offerings (minus a few soaps I haven't gotten listed yet). So if you can't make it to a show be sure to find what you're looking for there!

I will be doing another show at the beginning of November called the American Heroes Car Show. It benefits the Wounded Heroes Fund and Soldier's Angels, and last year they raised over $4,000! I'm really excited to do this one! And thankfully I have the details worked out now as far as packing and prepping so hopefully it won't be quite as hectic. Be sure to follow Bumblewood on Facebook to get all the updates of what's going on and where I'll be!

We've had germs all over the house in the past week. The kids came down with head colds on Tuesday, and I of course got it hard Friday night. Thankfully a good night's sleep had me going strong on Saturday, only to be bombarded with the scratchy throat and snuffles again on Sunday and I am still fighting it now. Oh well. At least it skipped Saturday, which is all I prayed for!

I have been working on Christmas ornaments slowly as my down time allows, and a pair of fingerless gloves in my ever-favorite "Foliage" colorway which is a perfectly autumnal mix of oranges and yellows and browns. I'm hoping to have a few custom orders coming up pretty soon, just need to finalize details with the recipient.

I have a very large box full of some just ever-so-scrumptious processed fiber from Tombstone Livestock. It's just beautiful. I pull it out and pet it every now and then and my fingers itch to get it on on the wheel. Just a few more batches of soap to ready for the Car Show and then I'm spending quite a few nights with those lovely fleeces.

School has been going well, the boys are picking up in both reading and math. They had been struggling with numbers, and I had to all but throw out the way we were doing math because... Well I have boys. Boys don't do "sitting" work very well. So one day, in a moment of frustration and desperation, I just picked up a little white board we have and started drawing out long and loud and raucous scenarios involving dinosaurs, aliens, asteroids, birds, police cars, helicopters, cannons and all kinds of boyish things. There were explosions. There were people getting arrested. There were asteroids taking out alien space ships. And all the while I would ask them "ok how many X do we have now" after we added or subtracted from the story line. Ben had walked in as I was doing it and he said he's never heard them yell and giggle so much, especially not during school. And you know what? They've been picking up numbers and counting like crazy. Who says school has to be done from a book? :D

The weather has been amazing. We haven't had an honest October in years and years, but this year is cool and crisp and clear. I've been making soups and baking bread and my itch for autumn is slowly being scratched as the leaves start to turn and the temperature keeps dropping ever so slightly. We even had a very tiny patch of rain last week. Supposedly going to be a wet winter, which would be fantastic! My soul and the valley are both in need of it.

Alright, I really need to go soap. Tonight I'm making up a batch of my Lemongrass Scrub, which was a best seller at the show! It's great for getting the grunge off dirty, hard worked hands. Perfect for a show about cars! ;)

Happy Wednesday!


Farm Girl said...

So nice to have a get caught up post. I love your idea about the white board. I bet it works wonderfully. You are so creative.
Yep the boys love that Lemongrass scrub.
I am so glad you are getting rested this week. I hope it slows down enough for you to get to spin.

Julia said...

Wow, you have been busy Meg. With a young family it must be difficult but I know that you have the drive to succeed. Good luck with your Etsy shop and the car show. I know you'll do excellent.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Even in all your exhaustion you're still cracking me up. :) Good for you to figure out a better way to teach the kids. I think that's great! Hooray that the craft show went well - you deserve the best. I'm hoping the next one is even better. The Lemongrass Soap sounds amazing. And you're talking about knitting too???? My goodness woman, you are amazing.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Congrats on the success at the craft show! That is amazing!!! I'm so happy for you. I'll have to check out your Etsy shop. I love those Christmas ornaments!

no spring chicken said...

Can I really have been gone THAT long? Soap? Bumblewood? A beautiful sister?

Now the description of the boys I recognize and the beautiful knits. There's my Meg! And why would I be surprised that she has new irons in the fire? :)

Blessings, Debbie

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