November 21, 2013

From Under Cover



Guess what!!

We got RAIN!!

Sweet, glorious, beautiful, wonderful, soul healing RAIN!!

It started with a cloud burst around 6pm last night, trickled a little the rest of the evening, woke me up a few times early this morning, and then steadily lasted until about 11 this morning.

My entire being is happy beyond description!

I love rain so much, and it has been much too long since we've had a good rain (being as we live in a desert). We have a chance for more tomorrow and I desperately hope that it happens.

The boys spent the day playing in their rooms with blocks and things, and drawing pictures. I spent a good portion of the afternoon knitting a Christmas stocking and reading library books. Absolutely glorious!

I am trying to get everything ready this week for the Women's Dinner I will be vending on the 2nd. Since next week is for eating turkey. :) I am mixing up deodorants, lotions and lip balms tonight. And then the eternal quest to get everything labeled.

I just can't tell you how refreshed and happy I feel after getting so much wonderful rain!

Happy Friday!!


Julia said...

I'm happy that you got rain and I'll do the happy dance for you. We of course always get more than we need.
Have a happy weekend.

Kessie said...

Your rainy pics look so wonderful! Your storm is crossing the desert to us tonight, and we're supposed to get tons of rain for the next few days. So excited!

Reifyn said...

People in the place I stay seem like they can't stand the rain or the cold or clouds, but I too love them. It just started raining here too—and we've finally gotten some late autumn weather, which makes me glad. I like the cold and the snow and the wind and the rain and overcast skies, so I can understand your being glad for it.

Farm Girl said...

The rain has been like balm on my soul as well. It is so nice to walk around and not be in dirt. We have a winter storm warning until this afternoon. Yay for storms!! Your day sounds incredible.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

That's awesome! Looks like it was a really good rain. I'm glad you got some rain and it made you happy :)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Hooray for the rain!! We are supposed to get some tomorrow night although ours will be mixed with snow...... :)

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