February 4, 2014

A List

I am crazy busy. And my brain doesn't work enough these days to form coherent paragraphs, but I wanted to check in. So here's a list of what's going on around here:

1. We are (sort of) getting the garden ready for the year. We have been talking, and making plans. We finally got around to tearing out/down all of last year's garden... Now we just need to add manure and compost and such and plant when it's time. I should be starting seeds, I just haven't gotten that far yet.

2. Bumblewood has moved from Etsy to it's own online shop! You can find it at www.bumblewoodhandmade.com. I'm very, very excited about this little step for the business. There are a lot of new features that I am loving - like all of our products being listed even when out of stock, a "notify me" option for things you want to know about coming back in stock, and the chance to leave reviews on individual products. You can still find a selection of our products on Etsy if you prefer to shop there, but I'm now offering a greater selection (like our new body butters!) on the main shop.

3. I am trying to redo my Household Planner. I want to get all of my important information, blank menu calenders and grocery lists, garden planners, etc. all into one place. I also want to write up a list of chores that need to be done at certain times of year, or reminders to purchase things for the house (like refrigerator filters). Anything to make life smoother and easier and get back in control.

4. Some of you who have been following along for awhile might remember that a few years ago we worked really hard to become debt free. We got rid of all of our commercial debt (cars, credit cards, etc) within 2 years, and since then have been working on paying down our mortgage. Eventually we'd like to buy a piece of land for larger gardens, animals, and for the kids to have lots of running around space. We bought our house in 2009 and as of this month we now owe under 50k. I can't tell you how excited this makes me feel. I dream of space and quiet and feeding ourselves from our property (and chickens. I will get my freaking chickens some day!) and this is just one step closer to that.

5. I told you back in December that my sister is having twin baby girls. There will be knitting. Stay tuned. ;)

6. Ok maybe I can make full paragraphs.

Happy Tuesday,


Kim said...

Congratulations on the new website. You are always so busy. I am very impressed with your financial planning efforts. Many people your age and continuing to drive themselves further into debt.

Farm Girl said...

Well you are so busy and I love reading what you have been doing. So great on how far you have paid down the house. I was wondering about that.
It looks pretty cloudy today, maybe you can knit. :)
Have a wonderful day,

Julia said...

Wow, I'm very impressed with how your business is expanding and your planning to make your busy life run smoother. Your product site looks very professional.
Lucky twins to have some designer knitting from auntie Meg.

Good luck with your garden. If you can find straw or other mulch to put in your garden after your plants have sprouted it would help retain moisture. It also keeps the garden clean and weed free.


Reifyn said...

I'm so glad Meg to hear of the progress at your home and with Bumblewood. Much of the country still has frozen-solid earth, so you're fortunate to be able to do any digging or pulling up at this time of the year. One day I hope you will be able to get a nice bit of land with chickens & such.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

A huge congratulations to you guys for getting the mortgage down! Wow!! I bet that really is a good feeling. How exciting is it to make little girl things. So sweet!! Your store is beautiful and I wish you much success - I'm sure you'll do great! Juggling that with the kiddos, the garden and hubby could be challenging but you're right, if you start with compost and add a weed barrier it will definitely help you out through the season. So happy you're posting!! :)

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