February 13, 2014

Just Random

Happy almost Valentine's day! My mom-in-love brought me these cheerful beauties the other day after I told her I was desperate for color. They brighten up my kitchen and I love them so much.

Despite my attempts to keep them from blooming and to stay focused on growing their foliage, our silly little strawberries are at it again. I picked all of their little flowers on Sunday, but today I saw at least a dozen little blooms. Ok, I give up. It is warm enough now, I will just let them do what they want. It is nice to have tiny little white flowers.

This is probably going to sound silly to those who don't garden/homestead, but I've achieved a successful compost pile! Isn't it beautiful? I'm so excited!! To be honest, I started out trying to mix equal parts "brown" and "green" at the beginning of last spring, but it really just turned  into me throwing in whatever I had, then I gave up somewhere around September. And I wasn't great about covering it, but I did bury it half way through. I didn't think it would actually become compost.

But, even though I didn't follow the technical directions, I still wound up with beautiful black compost! It's my first successful try! My grandmother just buries her kitchen scraps straight in her garden, has been my entire life, and I think I will follow more in that direction. It's just easier for me, since I don't have a large space for a big compost pile. And since that's pretty much what I did here, I might as well go along with something that worked!

Yesterday was such a beautiful, warm day and I have been feeling the need for something quiet and peaceful I decided it was time to bring out my spinning wheel and sit awhile. The poor thing had been stashed in the corner of our room for so long, but after a good dusting and oiling I was able to spin about 3/4 of a bobbin while the kids were down for a nap. I sat and listened to the doves coo to each other, and at one point there was a line of 5 or 6 finches sitting on the fence just watching me. It was wonderful.

I started some tomato and pepper seeds the other night. I'll have a post on how I start seeds soon. Are you starting seeds yet?

Happy Thursday!


Farm Girl said...

Oh it is all so lovely. I am so glad the flowers opened. Your compost looks wonderful.
I need to start some seeds. I am just dying to have some little green shoots.
I love it when you spin.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Your mother in law is so thoughtful. The flowers are beautiful. Tulips happen to be my favorite flower. I am always so impressed with what you do Meg, Spinning too, I admire that you are always busy and motivated to learn and do different things.

no spring chicken said...

Composting.. spinning.. with birds watching... you just described my perfect day. :)


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