July 6, 2010

Depression Cooking with Clara

Sorry I've been so boring lately. Unfortunately, I'm still boring! Not much to talk about I guess. Not much cooking, since it's been too hot. And not a whole lot of knitting being done so you don't even get that!

But I wanted to share with you something I found last night...

Depression Cooking

It's videos of a 94 year old woman named Clara who shares her recipes from the depression era. In between cooking she shares stories of making it through the hard times. I think she's FANTASTIC and I love her. She even has a cook book out!

I want to try all over her recipes, but here is the first one I watched last night that I think would be awesome.

Enjoy! :)


Farm Girl said...

I was scared I thought you were depressed and some lady named Clara came over and cooked for you. :)
That was a sweet video.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg, thanks for visiting my new blog. I like your new blog design. This video was cute and that food looked good. I can't believe she is in her 90's!

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