July 21, 2010

Wednesday Morning Garden Update

I walked out into the backyard yesterday evening and saw, out of the corner of my eye, a light orange spot speaking through on the tomato bush. Upon further inspection I found this:

Our first colored tomato! I was so excited. I was beginning to think they would just stay green forever. (Which wouldn't be horrible, as fried green tomatoes are delicious.)

Our jalapenos are starting to blossom, which means we might actually get peppers out of them.
I was also afraid we weren't going to get any peppers. I think we just started too late in the season. We didn't really get things planted until May. Next year I am hoping to get an early start in an actual garden, not just hanging pots. I guess I better get crackin' on breakin out that cement slab.

My basil is growing quite nicely. This is my biggest one, and I have about 6 other small sprouts. They heat has been good for them.

The Plumaria (sp?) we got from my grandparent's house has been going CRAZY! It took a long time for them to root, but all of a sudden it had a ton of leaves on it. And it has been getting bigger ever since.
I'm worried about my green beans. I think their growth has stopped. I've planted a few more, but they all seem to get to about 8 inches high and then stop. I'm not sure if it's been to hot, as they are in direct sun for most of the day. Or if it's the dirt, or what. Awhile back I found one small, solitary green bean on one of the plants. I thought that was the start of a giant wave of green beans, but alas. I haven't seen anymore. The last time I tried to plant green beans they climbed like crazy, and these ones aren't.

Here is my littlest one who was trying to help me take pictures. He's completely adorable. Which is probably what saved his life after he did this:


Farm Girl said...

Hey he was cleaning house and that was in the way... I love how pretty and green everything is, it all looks really good. I love the look on B. face.

Rose Silver said...

Oh you have such cute plants and a cute son too! LOL. That is a good tomato you got there! I also have tomatoes in my garden but because of the heat waves, they can barely cope with it. But the peppers look good and thriving. Thanks for sharing this adorable post.

crystal small said...

Love your tomato. It will grow healthy as I see it in the photo. Your little angel in the garden is really cute. Your son is really great. He really chooses to help than to play with some friends.

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