March 18, 2011

Finished Knit: Loop Hat

This is Ty's silly little hat. Ridiculously hilarious.

The boys are always finding hats and wearing them. I've only knit one hat for them (until now) and decided they needed some more.

I remembered a picture of a hat like this that my sister had shown me, so I made one up. And of course as soon as I cast on Ty starts talking about it's "his hat". He hasn't taken it off in the last two and a half hours since I gave it to him.

Jack wants one in orange.

Pattern: Loop Hat made up as I went along

Yarn: TLC Amore in "Light Thyme" - 64 grams/ 105 yards

Needles: US 8/5 mm Susan Bates DPNs

Knitline: March 10th - 18th

YTD Mileage: This hat brings me to .98 miles!


Farm Girl said...

Dad says you need to do one in Sidney Bristow Red. Do you think he would wear it to work? I can't wait to see a orange one on J.
They turned out so nice.

William said...

Looks like grass! That's one of the weirdest hats I've ever seen!

Kessie said...

That came out so hilarious! It's like some kind of weird wig!

A green and an orange pair running around will be hilarious. Give them big clown noses and they can wear them for Halloween. :-)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

That is a great St Patrick's Day to wear to school. So very clever of you!! Ty is too cute.

Allison said...

Wonderful! My littlest would love that... he looks like a great big leafy tree!

Dawn said...

Woot woo! That is one funky and awesome hat:)))))

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