March 4, 2011

Hey, It's Been A Week

The beginning, after a few color changes.

And I could totally stay away from the internet forever.

Gosh, it's been such a nice week. Ben told me Tuesday that I've been so much more suppressed. I feel so relaxed. And just opening my browser to write this post is kind of making me edgy.

I've knit a good lot on my shawl - half way through in fact.

I've read and read and read to my boys, and they've loved it.

I've borrowed some garden books from my grandmother and have enjoyed reading them and thinking about the garden to come.

 The massive aloe vera box that Ben removed and separated, and we're now trying to get rid of the plants to loving homes.

My house is freakishly clean. I even cleaned my microwave! I think that's the first time since we bought it last year. (Please don't look down on me. We hardly use it.)

I've made 6 loaves of toast bread, a loaf of potato bread, and a batch of Rocky Road Brownies. That much baking has been wonderful, and I haven't thought "oh man I don't want to make more bread right now" at all this week.

I have reconnected and refocused on some things I lost sight of.

I'm so calm and relaxed. And more patient. Way more patient.

My brain feels alive.

 The Chinook shawl progress as of today. I am on the second to last color, not including the contrasting shawl. Seeing the color progression is quite delightful.

I knew it was time to cut myself off when I felt so crazy any time I got online. I told Ben that I felt like I was spending way too much time worrying about everyone else's problems and lives and not enough about my own. I pushed my kids off because I was "reading something!". And I couldn't sleep at night because my brain was always on from the information overload.

This week has been wonderful!

So, I think I'm going to be mostly staying off the internet for an indefinite period. I'll read and keep in touch with the blogs that are closest to my heart. I'll keep the blog mainly for my finished projects, the occasional recipe, and maybe a thought or two when I feel like it. I'll update my Etsy shop when I need to, and not worry about pushing it too hard. And I don't think I ever want to go back to Facebook.

I don't need to be popular. I don't need to have a bunch of people coming to my blog or buying my stuff.

I just need to be popular with my family. And I can't worry about anyone else's life at the cost of my own, lest I go off the deep end.

Love you all and see ya on the flip side,

P.S. I have the best daddy ever. He knows why.


Dawn said...

Maybe this is what I need....

Have a wonderful time here and there....I'm jealous.
(I think I'm addicted but I really want inspire...)

Kessie said...

I could have sworn I commented, but it's not there anymore. Anyway, I'm glad to see that you're back, but I'm even more glad that your hiatus helped your mind so much. That's the trouble with the internet--it takes over your life if you let it!

William said...

Welcome back!

It's good to see you recover from what Mom called "infobesity." Are you still doing Project 365?

Meg said...

Kess: You did leave a comment, but I removed that fancy comment thing right after you posted it so it disappeared. Sorry! :)

William: Nope! It was too much headache to keep up with.

Everyone: I'm not really *back* per se, since I realized this week that I don't really like the internet. Heh. But I'll just be around a bit more than I was.

Farm Girl said...

I think it is like who owns who? Does your computer run your life or are you going to be in control of it. I think everything is like that though. Anytime we let ourselves drift we can wake up and realize we were in a place we shouldn't have been. It happens to me all of the time.
Just post when you can, you are a Mommy, and being a wife and mommy should always be first.

Jennifer said...

love it. go, sister.

Changes in the wind said...

That is how I feel about listening to the news these days....Wish you the best and the shawl is BEAUTIFUL!

Allison said...

Of course you feel this way! Good for you, if it has been a burden. I will miss you. I have loved being part of your life.

Blessings, Meg. And hugs.

Mimi said...

I will miss you very much but at the same time I'm so proud of you for making that decision. Meg, you will never, ever regret putting your family first! You are such a gifted young woman and I enjoyed learning from you. I will continue to visit some of your old posts, especially the cooking, knitting and finances. I know the Lord will continue to bless you and your dear family abundantly! Thank you so much!

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