February 25, 2011

Break Time

Good morning friends! This is a public service announcement to let y'all know that I'm going to take a week off of the internet (or try at least). Not just blogging, but the whole stinkin' internet.

I've been feeling a bit like

this, and think I need to take some time to focus on this

and this

 and of course, this

(that's an old project, don't get excited), without getting distracted by the internet. I've been meandering around without much purpose and it's been taking more time than it needs.

It's a week for mental rehabilitation. I'll still be checking e-mail, for anyone who wants to get a hold of me. But no facebook, no blogs, no ravelry (gasp!), no internet surfing in general. With the exception of Netflix, since that's our entertainment.

We'll see how long I last. Hehe.

Love ya lots,

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