February 23, 2011

From My Camera

Little purple "weeds" that are springing up all over our grass. I only have "weed" flowers in my back yard right now before we landscape, so I enjoy these little surprises immensely. I'm itching for a garden something awful.

As I got pictures of the purple flowers the boys ran around and found "dannylinons" and asked if I could take a picture of them too. I just love dandelions. They're so bright and cheerful, and they dot the yard so prettily. I love the ends of their petals. They look like God painted each one on, one at a time. (Which I suppose He did!)

A different shot I got when photographing the yarn for the Chinook shawl. I liked this one quite a bit, as you can see the gradient of the colors.

Aaaaand this one. Haha. Duder wearing daddy's shirt.... and daddy. It was hilarious. Watching Ben try to get our 25 pound son into his shirt and through the head hole was even more hilarious.

Happy Thursday! We're almost to the weekend,

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