February 11, 2011

Back To Basics :: The Idea

I have an idea.

But first I have to tell you how it came about.

I've been struggling lately with blogging. I've felt pretty brain dead in that I can't think of what to write about. I know part of it has been the dreary weather. But even with the gorgeous, sunny, warm weather we've had lately I still feel like I have nothing write about.

I've been trying to figure out why. Why am I lacking in ideas? Did I just fizzle out? A year of blogging and I'm done? Am I just that boring? Am I too busy knitting to talk about anything else?

And then I was listening to Meghan's latest episode of the Stitch It! podcast and she was talking about how she loved the beginning of her podcast "career" when she was learning so many things and sharing it with others and how she really wanted to get back to that.

And I realized - that's exactly it. I love teaching (and I didn't even know it!). I love sharing things I have learned with other people. I get giddy when someone asks me how to do something and I get to explain it to them. And I love learning new things. (Remember, Never ever stop learning.) I posted so much and so often when I was sharing things on budgeting and finances, and cooking when I was trying new recipes, and knitting when I was newly getting into lace.

Thank you for the epiphany, Meghan!

So once I was able to pinpoint my lack of content, it inspired my idea.

I want to create a Back To Basics series. My passion is the simple life, and simple times. While I enjoy certain aspects of technology, I love the simple pleasures of cooking, creating, gardening - just living life as it's meant to be lived.

I want to share the basic ideas and skills of life with everyone. My idea is to focus on a certain aspect of a skill with each post. For example, I've thought of doing a "How To Knit" section of the Back To Basics. One post would be the knit stitch, another post the purl stitch. Maybe a third could be lace, or cables. I'd like to do a cooking section, where one post would focus on bread making, another on sauces, etc. Specific parts of each section of life.

I want to share the little bit I've learned in my life so far, and I want to learn more. Since teaching apparently seems to be what I need to keep being creative and to keep myself learning more, I'll embrace it.

But there's more to it.

I want to involve everyone. Knowledge should be shared, not kept to one's self. And different people have different aspects and techniques on each subject. So I'd like to have continuous input from everyone with ideas and suggestions. I'm thinking maybe I could have guests posts from those who are more knowledgeable about a subject. Animals? I'm not so good at. But my mother in law knows chickens. (Heh, how's that for putting you on the spot?)

Let's get back to simple, basic things and share what we know. So what do you think? Interested? Have ideas, suggestions, questions? Want to guest blog?

My first idea was doing a post on bread baking. What's more basic than baking a good loaf of bread? Tips and tricks for a good rise, good crumb, different flavors, etc. I'd love any input anyone has. Or if you feel you're up to it, write me a whole post! I'm thinking I'll do the bread post on Monday.

I don't know how often I would post in the series. I suppose it's up to my whims and inspiration. But the more input and questions, the more I'll post.

And if you have a question on how to do something, and I don't know the answer, I would love to learn along with you and share the process.

Happy Friday (and inspiration),


Farm Girl said...

I know how to make soap flop. :) I did that today. I think we are all tired of being inside and ready to do some things outside. I think your idea is wonderful.

Kessie said...

I think it's a really good idea. Nothing attracts traffic like "how to" posts. It's why Yahoo and Google have those lame "how to" question things with people gabbing about how to do things.

One thing I think that will burn you out faster than anything is your 365 photo posting. Posting every day is exhausting--just ask Mom! I think you ought to snap a ton of pictures and queue them all up, like, a week in advance. Then just blog about whatever you feel like while the queued photos post themselves.

Meg said...

Kess: I thought about that, but the point of the project is to be using my camera every day, for practice and trying different things. If I just wanted to post some random picture I have plenty that I could use.

Kessie said...

Meg: True, I didn't think of that.

Also, that picture of bread up there? Every time I see it, I think, "I like big buns and I cannot lie ..."

Jennifer said...

Good idea. I would love for you to teach me how to knit! You already teach me how to take better pictures. You are a Very Useful Blogger.

Allison said...

Hubby is always asking how to get a nice crunchy crust on soft white bread... any ideas?

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