February 17, 2011

Blustery Days

This was our bizarre sky on Tuesday evening. I haven't seen the sky do that in a really long time. It was kind of weird.

Ben, who has been to Oklahoma, tells me that's almost how the sky gets when a tornado is coming, only scarier and green. I took comfort in the fact that we're in Earthquake country out here, not Tornado country. It was still beautifully creepy, though.

This storm brought in a LOT of wind. Scary, throw your car off the side of the road wind. I was so glad my grandmother watched the kids as I went shopping yesterday. The gusts were a little terrifying.

Now, the wind wouldn't really be a problem, except that we have an old fence on the left side of our property that has barely made it through the last few storms.

This is just a small portion of what it looked like yesterday afternoon, after I pushed it back up a bit. (Please ignore the messy backyard. We got our tax refund and should be doing landscape soon!)

When my brother and I got back from the grocery store, he asks if the railing we had on the porch, that Ben took down this weekend, had been holding up our fence. What? I looked outside to see our poor fence practically laying on the ground. It's now being held up by a shovel.

We're waging the war of deciding to replace the whole fence with a brand new one now, or do some minor repairs like resetting/replacing some posts and waiting until we pay off the car to replace it completely. Either option is feasible right now, it's just a hard decision. I'm leaning toward the car and hoping we can mend the fence to hold on long enough to last until then.

Pray that it holds up until we can do either one.

Also, my poor daffodils are thrashed and barely hanging on. I'm incredibly upset and may have spent a brief amount of time yesterday being mad at the wind. Which is ridiculous, I know. But it hurt my flowers!

Have a great Thursday,


Kessie said...

Wow, those clouds look really weird. Like looking up at the underbellies of waves.

Too bad about your daffodils! If if makes you feel any better, small people picked the entire flower stalk off my hollyhock and used it to sweep up mud.

Farm Girl said...

Can I have the boards that you don't wamt? If you replace them, I mean. I will take all of the old and rotten boards that you don't want.:)
You have such a different weather pattern where you life. I saw none of that. A few fluffy looking black ones but none that looked like tornado clouds. Yes, that is what they look like.
I am sorry about your daffodils and your fence though.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I have never seen clouds that look like that before. Very ominous! I hope the fence holds on until your ready to make a decision.

Judy said...

The clouds look like cotton batting, very cool. Your poor fence, that's a tough decision.

Allison said...

Gorgeous clouds! I thought it was snow drifts at first.

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