February 2, 2011

Groundhog's Day!

 Last year's happy Potato Bush. Spring is coming! It's already budding out.

I posted on my Facebook this morning that, being the resident groundhog, I have decided today is the first day of Spring! Yay! I seriously thought about going and buying a truckload of flowers today. It's so beautifully sunny and (sort of) warm today. I'm hoping this gorgeous weather flows over the country and gives my snow-bound blogging friends some relief!

I think one of the best birthday presents I have gotten today is seeing that my Pointed Garter Scarf pattern (you can download it here) has had 3 downloads, and 1 started project today alone! It is really cool to see that. I'm hoping - children, orders and time permitting - to be getting some other patterns, like the Emilies and Heart mitts, up for sale soon.

Speaking of Heart Mitts I just have a thumb left and the pair will be done! Which will be soon, if I get off the computer and go do that.

The kids are down for a nap, I'm hyped on Starbucks (Venti Java Chip Fraps = Jittermania) and there is a chair outside in the sunshine calling my name.

Hope you are doing wonderfully well today, and that those in the snowy parts of the country are keeping warm and safe!



Kessie said...

It's your birthday! Go buy some flowers! Maybe just not a truckload. :-)

Farm Girl said...

I hope you have had a lovely birthday.
Your mits with the hearts are beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your sunshine today. I think that is a very nice birthday present.

Allison said...

I can feel that California warmth from here, Meg. I know just what you're talking about. Hope you enjoyed your chair and some sun!!

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