February 18, 2011

A Knitted Tour of My House

I realized the other day, that I have projects all over the house. While I try to at least keep the unused-at-the-moment yarn tidy and in one place, my knitting spills out into the rest of house.

The living room. My favorite chair - the one Ben bought me when I was pregnant with the boys. Another pair of Emilies in blues.

The office. My side of the desk. Where I do most of my knitting, since it's our hang out room. A baby blanket for friends of ours. Details coming... when I get around to finishing it.

The bedroom. My bedside table. Betsy can be seen in the back there, where she lives until the rare occasions I pull her out. A Pointed Garter Scarf in teal.

Do you have projects/tools that are all over the house, despite your best intentions? Or do you let it roam free without worry?

Happy Friday!



Kessie said...

The giant knitting amoeba is swallowing your house! XD

If I did oil painting, it would be everywhere ... walls, floor, ceiling, kids, furniture, etc. So I don't. All my hobbies stay firmly on the computer. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Well you know, I have some project everywhere. I like seeing yours though, you great minds and all of that.

myletterstoemily said...

you're an artist with a trail of your creativity
trailing throughout your house. what a lucky
family you have!!!!!!

Allison said...

I have tried to calm the beast by keeping my knitting projects in baskets, but there are perhaps three projects at least by "my place" in the living room, and one or two stashed here in my office. Oh yes... knitting everywhere. The kid make a point of reminding me! :)

Changes in the wind said...

Only one project at a time for me with the exception of the scrap yarn and needles in my purse for charity squares.

Dawn said...

Sadly my work does roam free until I can't take it anymore. Than I pile it all up and hope to get a round to it....which takes a long time when life gets crazy.
Yours at least is pretty!!!!:)))

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I think it's nice to see your beautiful handy work all around. Busy hands are a good thing.

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