October 22, 2011

Mantle Update

I thought I would post a mantle update. We've had The Sick running through our house since Monday, and while I thought I had caught the bug earlier in the week, I realize now that Friday's bought of "Let's Stain The Mantle!" was my white blood cell high. I was down by yesterday afternoon and it tried to kick my butt during the night.

But I did get it stained, and my sister brought by the little pieces of trim for the sides of the tile which I will get stained, and then we can give it a bit of varnish and we're good to go!

I also ordered this print from my sister, who says it should be in soon and it will be replacing the hideously ugly flower picture. I'm so very excited for that picture to get here, you have no idea. Hahaha.

Happy Weekend! Hope y'all aren't sick,


Farm Girl said...

You got sick too? That is terrible, but the mantel looks wonderful. I can't wait to see your print.

Allison said...

That print WILL be cute there. I had noticed your California poppy and thought to myself how patriotic you were to California, hanging the state flower over your mantel and all. ;)

LOVE the color of the stain... this looks so cozy now!

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