January 4, 2012


Babylove in blue
It's the first Wednesday of the new year! I don't really have a lot to talk about, but I felt like posting something.

How was everyone's weekend? We have a very nice two day weekend, filled with some grocery shopping, movie watching, brisket smoking and puttering around. Monday I scrubbed my house while Ben reorganized the garage and I feel lots better now with everything all clean.

I just barely made it to midnight. We were watching Bourne Identity and I had to make sure I was sitting all the way up. At one point I snuggled into Ben and almost went lights out. I'm so boring these days haha.

I have a new favorite thing. I have been hearing about this tea from a few podcasts I listen to and finally found it at Vons over Christmas weekend. It is Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy Decaf (wow, that's a mouthful!) and it's quite delicious. They are right about the spicy part. I've been enjoying it with a splash of cream and a bit of sugar. It's just as good cold as it is hot. Although I'm realizing that my very favorite and go to tea is Earl Grey. But this is good if I'm in an frisky mood.

In case y'all were wondering - I did finish the shawl before 2012 hit! I cast it off around 7:30pm, but I did cheat a little. More on that in the finished post.

On Sunday I started the blue baby blanket in the first picture. It's whipping along quite nicely. I love having a list of orders - it's nice when someone else chooses what I knit instead of me trying to come up with something (like 5 billion Emilies....)

Happy Wednesday,


Kim said...

I really like that baby blanket. At first I thought it was a sweater. I bet that pattern would make a really pretty sweater!
"Frisky" tea........LOL I need some of that!

Allison said...

So beautiful, as usual! You are amazing, friend. And of course you're curling up beside Big Ben boring as can be... you must be exhausted by this point! Tell the sweet little one to let you rest a spell. :) Miss you.

Farm Girl said...

I love the color of that shawl. I don't think I ever saw you working on that one because the color is different from anything I have seen you use, I really like that color though. Your blue baby blanket looks nice. I am going to look for that tea, I would drink more black tea if it didn't give me the shakes every time. Coffee doesn't do that. Have a nice day,

Patrice said...

Your knitting is lovely. I only do one stitch, but I can do it fast and just keep going. Hubby jokes that I'm knitting a tent or a car cover or something!:)Have a good 2012!

Kessie said...

At least you made it to midnight! I threw in the towel at 10:15. I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I love that purple shawl, but I'm a sucker for purple. :-)

MarmePurl said...

Lovely knitting AS ALWAYS. Cuddle up and nod off as much as you want...you know those opportunities will soon be few.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Ha! "If I'm feeling Frisky...." you are very funny. That tea sounds interesting.....I'll have to search for it. I'm always looking for something different.

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