January 16, 2012

We're Alive!

For the most part.

Man, this one knocked us on our butts. We're still all coughy and germy and runny, but on the mend. In fact, the kids must be feeling better because they are all wrestling on the floor behind me right now.

I am so thankful that Ben was not sick while we were. He had it first, but by the time we got it he was pretty much over it and he's been taking very good care of us by fixing and/or getting dinner, cleaning up, and being my drug runner (aka he went to Rite Aid and got the pregnancy-approved drugs that I called the nurse about in a moment of "I'm going to die" desperation. I usually abhor taking medication of any sort, especially while pregnant, but I was very desperate.)

Life has been pretty boring around here since we've been out of commission. I started a pair of socks on Monday, but illness apparently affects my ability to count and figure out gauge (and speed) and by the time Thursday got here I realized that it really was just too small and more knitting was not going to fix it so just rip it out and start over for heaven's sake.

Which I did. And now that one is done, and the second one is cast on and moving along nicely.

Yesterday was grocery shopping day and I picked up ingredients for quite a few different recipes I will be trying in the next two weeks. I'm so excited to have new things to cook. Hopefully I will have good things to share for What's Cooking!

After a few weeks of balmy, warm, spring like weather we are finally getting cold! In fact, we might even get rain next weekend! We haven't had rain since November, and even then it wasn't a lot. We take full responsibility for that - we got a new roof, therefore it doesn't rain. I told Ben I'm tempted to just stick a hose up there just to test it out. But it has been cloudy off and on for three days now and it's just wonderful.

I must be starting to nest because I am making lists of things that need to be done before baby gets here (you know, besides make ridiculous amounts of bread). Only seven weeks left! Baby things need to be washed, bassinet needs to be set up,  diapers and things need to be bought, and I am hoping to get a few meals made up to put in the freezer. Does anyone have some good freezer meals  or resources that you'd suggest (that do not involved Cream of Sodium-Overload Soup)?

Happy Monday,


Farm Girl said...

You make me laugh, cream of overload sodium soup. I am glad you are feeling a bit better. That was some bug. Em's is going into laryngitis.
I am glad Ben has been taking care of you all.Only 7 weeks left? Wow,
Yeah, I told Ron the other morning, it was because of your roof and you guys needing to test it out, we haven't had any rain. Those are some awesome looking clouds. You get more weather than we do.
Bye for now,

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We have what you guys had. I thought I was good to go but my throat is starting to get scratchy as I sit and write this. I always have a few quarts of home made spaghetti sauce in the freezer along with a chicken pie. Soup bases( broth and veggies) without the pasta is another suggestion.

Kessie said...

Cooked shredded chicken and cooked ground beef saved my behind when I had Claire. Want tacos? Heat up the beef with seasonings! Want soup? Dump in the chicken!

I've also been making extra enchilada filling and making an extra pan of enchiladas, which I freeze and can bake up when I'm short on time for dinner. Also calzones freeze wonderfully.

You nest, thinking that having the baby will leave you completely incapacitated. And then you come home and you're still capable of standing at the stove. It's a mild shock every time. :-)

Kessie said...

Do you guys like chili? I know that freezes really well, too. Also spaghetti sauce freezes.

no spring chicken said...

Meatballs. That's one of my favorite freezer foods. Not a meal in itself unless you want to go the extra mile, which you can. A couple of herkin' bags of meatballs. You can store them all in just a few gallon sized freezer bags. Then as many as you need can be pulled out for meatball sandwiches, thrown atop a simple canned spaghetti sauce, stirred into a brown sugar/vinegar/can of pineapple sweet and sour sauce atop rice, with gravy over mashed potatoes... Meatballs. Of course sauces and gravies can be prepared ahead and frozen.

Glad everyone seems to be on the mend!

As for the cord in my post? It's the jute string that was used to tie up the package... That's O.K. Meg... Illness, pregnancy and all that... ;)

Blessings, Debbie

Dawn said...

Hahaha...can't quit laughing about you wanting to stick the hose up there! I would want to do the same thing;)))) Murphy's Law....get a new roof...keeps rain away!
Glad you all are on the mend!
Counting down the days with you. Wish I could run over and bring you a meal or 2......

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. We were both out of commission this weekend too. Seems to be going around. Wow - the time is passing quickly! I'm with Debbie - meatballs are good. I make up pizza dough and freeze it for quick pies. I have recipes for freezer chicken pot pie, freezer lasagna, freezer stuffed peppers and freezer chicken and rice casserole. None have cream of anything soup (ick) and all are on my "to do" list to make - not yet tested. I'm happy to email some or all the recipes to you if you'd like. They're from Cooks Country, so I believe they should turn out well. These are part of my once-a-month-cooking project that hasn't happened yet. :) They would also go well with bread. :)

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